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5. Applying for admission

All PhD students need to seek admission to the Graduate School before they can start their PhD project. The Graduate School of Science and Engineering does not have fixed application deadlines, but rather works on a 'rolling admission' system. This means that interested students can apply and be admitted to a PhD programme any time.

How to apply for admission?

Applications are prepared by the research institute of the prospective supervisor. If students have obtained funding, received explicit support from a prospective supervisor, and meet the admission requirements they will be admitted to the PhD programme and can be registered with the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

Registration with the Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The registration procedure starts at the research institutes. The applicant's research institute will help him or her to collect the documents that are required for registration and will subsequently forward the complete dossier to the graduate school. Which documents are required for registration is described in the flow-chart of the registration procedure.

Please note

  • the administrative steps towards admission take at least 6 weeks from the moment the Graduate School receives a complete dossier from the research institutes. In case a visa is needed a complete dossier should be submitted with the Graduate School around 9 weeks prior to the required start date of a PhD project. In case of peak moments (start of PhD in February or September) a visa application may take up to 12 weeks. Download information for prospective PhD students who require a visa and resisdence permit .
  • the University reimburses the costs for the initial visa and residence permit for international PhD students. Family members who wish to move to the Netherlands too, or an extension of a residence permit will not be covered by the University.

  • all prospective (co-)supervisors who have not been previously approved by the Dean are required to submit a CV to the Graduate School, to be added with the dossier.

Once the registration procedure at the Graduate School is completed, the PhD student will be notified.

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