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Education The Faculty Graduate Schools Graduate School of Religion, Culture and Society PhD Programme



The Graduate School of Religion, Culture and Society offers PhD programmes in close cooperation with the three research groups of the Faculty's Centre for Religious Studies (CRS):

These groups have an outstanding national and international reputation in Religious Studies and Theology. The programme is open to highly motivated foreign and Dutch students who have a wide-ranging interest in religion and who wish to study in a challenging academic environment that stimulates personal ambition and development. In the programme, you conduct your own research while the Graduate School provides a balanced mix of expert supervision of at least two experts, tailor-made postgraduate training and the freedom to pursue your own ideas within relevant research themes. Admission to the programme is competitive and selective.  

In addition to the full-time programmes, it is possible to design a part-time programme: e.g., combining a PhD training with work outside the university environment.

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