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Organisation and contact

About us

Prof. Dr. Kocku von Stuckrad: Director

The director of the Graduate School RCS is Professor Kocku von Stuckrad. He is responsible for the policy and scientific quality of the Faculty’s Research Master’s programme and the PhD programme. He is a member of the admission committee for the graduate programmes at the Faculty RCS, and he advises the Faculty Board on continuation and prolongation of PhD projects. The director represents the Faculty RCS in the Committee of Graduate Schools at the University of Groningen. He conducts consultations with external partners and supports Research Master’s students and PhD researchers in their ongoing study work. In close consultation with the PhD Council, Professor von Stuckrad organizes the seminars and events hosted by the Graduate School RCS. You can contact him with any requests regarding the Faculty’s graduate programmes.

Debbie van den Berg: Coordinator

The coordinator of the Graduate School of RCS is Drs. Debbie van den Berg. She is the main contact person for questions from PhD researchers and supervisors about the application to our PhD programme and topics related to PhD projects, such as registration, scholarships, visa applications, PhD exchange, Joint and Double Doctorates, etc. She is also responsible for the welcoming of new PhD researchers and quality assurance of the processes and procedures in the Graduate School. Furthermore, she takes care of annual reports of the GS-RCS. 

Joëlle Fennebeumer

is responsible for specific administrative tasks of the Graduate School of RCS. She makes sure to update the Graduate School Brightspace page, share relevant information with the PhD and ReMA students, and is responsible for reporting through Hora Finita. She is responsible for tasks surrounding the approval of manuscripts and PhD ceremonies as the current faculty beadle. 

Thea de Boer: Coordinator and student advisor

Coordinator of the Research Master’s programme of the Graduate School is drs. T.M.L. de Boer. She is the main contact person for student’s questions about the application and admission process of the master’s degree programme, and the person to whom Research Master students submit their completed research traineeship forms before starting those traineeships. She is also a student advisor for the Research Master’s students.


Oude Boteringestraat 38
+31 50 363 4161 (Drs. Debbie van den Berg,  Coordinator GS)
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