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University Medical Center Groningen

Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine

19th of August 2024 - 23rd of August 2024
IPIM Summer School 2023
IPIM Summer School 2023

Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine (IPIM) is an engaging week-long school designed for advanced undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. students who want to explore the vast, non-academic landscape of biomedical research. The school unfolds through a dynamic mix of lectures by industry experts, guest speaker sessions, insightful site visits, and interactive workshops.

Industry experts

This program provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights from industry experts from a variety of sectors, including Pharma, Drug Development, Biotech, Diagnostics, and Food & Nutrition.
In addition, the curriculum includes presentations by specialists in entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, and startup funding.
Going beyond the traditional academic scope, IPIM provides participants with a deep understanding of private sector decision-making and the societal impact of biomedical research.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of both medical start-ups and larger companies striving to remain entrepreneurial and develop novel solutions for the market. 

Business Workshops

During the workshops, students gain experience developing novel business ideas based on scientific research. They learn how to translate scientific inventions into a value proposition for various stakeholders involved in the medical field, develop business models that would allow these inventions to become viable and sustainable businesses, and create impact for society. Along with the workshops, the participants collaborate with seasoned business coaches from the Groningen Business Generator, working together in groups to formulate compelling business proposals rooted in cutting-edge research.

Final investor pitch

The culmination of the IPIM experience is the final day, when participants present their group business proposals. The event is structured as an investor pitch, where each group presents its proposal to an expert jury. This immersive and practical approach to learning equips students with valuable skills and a real-world perspective on the intersection of innovation, medicine, and industry dynamics.


19th of August 2024- 23rd of August 2024

Deadline for application

1st of June, 20.00 CET

MSc, Master of Science, PhD students in biomedical sciences and advanced undergraduate (final 1-2 years) students

Ariel Zomerdijk & Freek van der Spoel


€600 - including accomodation
€280 - without accomodation
Both fees are including lunch each day and one evening dinner and a social activity.

University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship (UGCE)
Healthy Ageing Campus
Faculty of Medical Sciences
E-mail: ipim
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