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Practical Information

Preparing your Summer School

Vaccinations and declarations

In this Summer School, you will be a guest of the University Medical Center Groningen. Therefore, it is important to know the regulations of infection prevention. We would like to inform you shortly about the mandatory vaccinations and declarations required to participate the Summer School.

  • The UMCG acknowledges a preventive hepatitis B policy with every new staff member and guest, depending on their work and possible contact with patients and patient material. If the length of the visit to the hosipital does not exceed two weeks, hepatitis B vaccination is not obligatory. All summer school particpants are advised to be voluntarily hepatitis B vaccinated.
  • An official tuberculosis free declaration is compulsory! At the last day of the Summer School, this declaration may not be older than 6 months. If you have the enclosed form of tuberculosis, the declaration needs to be completed in the hospital at home, within 6 months prior to coming to the UMCG.
  • The same applies for MRSA: your formal MRSA free declaration is required for everyone entering the hospital to have contact with UMCG-patients. You have to be screened on MRSA with a recent throat and nose culture in your own hospital. The results of both throat and nose culture should not be older than 3 months. In case you have been hospitalized or had contact with a MRSA patient, after being screened negative for MRSA, during these three months, you have to be screened again. This means that you have to send us a new negative culture result before you can start.

The most important thing: be on time! Once admitted to our Summer School, you will get more detailed information and subsequently you will have to send your declarations to us before coming to Groningen. You must know that without the official declarations mentioned above, the procedure must be done in the UMCG at your expense and with a delay in entrance permission, so you will be excluded from the activities taking place in the hospital during the first days.


For most people it is not necessary to obtain a short stay visa (up to 90 days) beforehand. In some cases, depending on your nationality, you will need to apply for a so called Schengen visa (short stay visa). Check out the Dutch government's website to see if you need a visa and to find out more on how to apply for a Schengen Visa. Please note that you can only apply for a visa after you have been admitted. If needed, your Summer School coordinator can provide a Letter of Invitation.

Application Procedure

Each Summer School has a separate application procedure. In most cases, candidates fill out the online application form and upload the required documents. After applying, you will be notified as soon as possible, so that you can make travel arrangements. Please wait for your Summer School notification before making your travel arrangements! If you want to apply now, please consider the online application of the Summer School of your choice. The application procedure is different for every Summer School, please check the specific procedure for the Summer School of your choice on their webpage.

Most of the Summer Schools select the best of all applicants based on their CV. You should always have advanced knowledge of the English language to be considered as a participant.


All participants have to be insured regarding health and liability. The UMCG is, on no account, liable for the costs made by the participants of the Summer Schools. Check with your Summer School if insurance is arranged for you and included in the fee.

Participants residing in the Netherlands will not be insured, as they are obligated to have basic care insurance (tr. Basiszorgplichtig).

The different organizing committees are responsible for the insurance of the participants per School.

Cancellation regulations

When an admitted participant decides to withdraw their application, the organization committee may imply the following terms:

  • The committee may refund 75% of the fee in case of cancellation 9 weeks prior to the start of the School
  • The committee may refund 50% of the fee in case of cancellation 5-9 weeks prior to the start of the School
  • In case of cancellation later than 5 weeks prior to the start of the School, the committee cannot refund the fee


Once you have received notification that you have been admitted, the Summer School coordinator will inform you about the payment procedures. Please note that the participant is responsible for the administrative expenses a bank may charge for the transaction. In that case, this amount is an addition to the fee.


Housing is included in the fee*, which means that accommodation is arranged for you. Once you have been admitted to the summer school of your choice, we will inform you about the housing details.

* Please note that for the Summer School Biobanking housing is not included in the fee.

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