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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I fund my PhD?

A: There are several opportunities. The first is that your prospective supervisor has obtained funding (e.g. from the EU, Industry) to hire a PhD student to carry out a certain research project. You will need to apply to this position like a job application and compete with other candidates from all over the world. The Graduate School does not have an overview of all opportunities and you need to inquire with the Principal Investigator.

The second is that you bring your own funding and apply to, for example, scholarship programmes from your own country. The second option also gives you a bit more liberty to design a project tailored to your interests, of course in consultation with your supervisor. A third, alternative route may therefore be to first enrol in one of our
master programmes . If you then belong to the best-performing students in your class you will be offered a fully funded PhD position by the UMCG to carry out a PhD project you designed yourself

Q: Are there deadlines to apply to a PhD position?

A: The GSMS does not apply any deadlines itself, because of the flexible structure of the PhD. You do need to be aware however of deadlines for particular positions or application periods of scholarship agencies

Q: I have found a position, when do I start my PhD?

A: As mentioned, the structure of a PhD is very flexible, so in principle you start on the date that you and your supervisor agreed upon. You do need to take into account however, that you and the UMCG need time to arrange practicalities such as visa (in case you have a non-EU nationality) and you will need to fulfill certain requirements in order to be allowed to work at the UMCG. Finally, we assist in finding appropriate housing - but be warned! Housing is difficult to come by in our city, with 25% of the population being students. So start looking early. We at least take an ideal period of four months in between the decision to admit you and your actual arrival to the UMCG

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