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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2022

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Mag ik u even onderbreken? Over hoe je ruimte kunt creëren binnen het vak Nederlands voor het verschijnen van subjectiviteit
Dekker, S. (Suzanne)
Effecten van aandacht voor meertaligheid op taalattitudes en welbevinden
The contribution of linguistic, cognitive and social factors to children's understanding of verbal irony
Ke, H. (Huimin)
Differential effects of implicit and explicit instruction over time: A longitudinal L2 study combined with CALL
Mognon, I. (Irene)
Pronoun interpretation in structurally complex sentences in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
L2 Acquisition of Temporal Relations
Ploeg, A.M. (Mara) van der
Language learning never gets old: implicit and explicit language learning in seniors
Reyes Gomez, A.F. (Felipe)
Enlarging neurolinguistic awake surgery contributions: from current issues with clinical practice to pending work with epilepsy patients.
Strandberg, J.A.E. (Janine)
Generational vowel change and code-switching in Finland-Swedish
Üstün, A. (Ahmet)
Computational Linguistics
Wang, Y. (Yingjie)
A diachronic study on discursive construction of 'Made in China' in Chinese and foreign newspapers

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Name Project Title Research Group
Bronkhorst, A.J. (Remco) The early roots of Latium's economy: the symbiosis between urban and rural landscape Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Filioglou, D. (Dimitris) Zooarchaeology and the role of pastoralism in ancient Greece Greek Archaeology
Kaspers, A. (Angelique) Early and high medieval exchange in imported pottery in Friesland and Groningen Pre- and Protohistory
Siebrecht, M.I. (Matilda) Associations in the Arctic: proposal for a material culture analysis of cultural exchange and development in Paleo- an Neo-Inuit communities Arctic and Antarctic Studies
Slim, F.G. (Francesca) Pigs, people and politics in the Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age Aegean: Archaeological pig data as proxy for socioeconomic and political relations in ancient societies Pre- and Protohistory
Verlaan, T. (Theo) Emergence of imagery: visualizing the prehistory on the Greek Mainland Greek Archaeology

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Project Title
Research Group
The role of fictional representations of law in the construction of legal knowledge
Orientalizing 'Eastern Europe'. Pro-Russian bias and reflected imperial narratives about the 'Lands in Between' in Western foreign policy analysis
Bellina, A. (Agnese)
Development in the Anthropocene: towards a posthuman approach
Anchoring the fascist revolution
Douma, A.A. (Aline)
The political signifcance of the works of George Ashby, England's forgotten 15th-century poet
In search of an alternative Europe: Germanism and continental Europe in the Bengali imagination, 1919-1945
Flores Teran, C.E. (Carlos)
Human taxonomies: knowing, counting and ordering in the Spanish Americas (1790-1804)
The artistic experience and the gendered brain
He, K. (Kun)
From civil society to news reports: how populist discourse affects news discourse and official discourse in China
Jong, J.J. de (Jan)
De abele spelen: spelen met de vrije wil
Liu, C. (Chang)
The Scholars' life in the Late Tang and the Five Dynasties of China
Meijer, M.J. (Maarten)
The EU's geopolitics of soil: assembling a soil-bound Europe in the wake of soil degradation
Radicaal-ideologische partijshifts aan de uiterste randen (RAF-NPD) van het Duitse politieke spectrum beschouwd vanuit politologisch-linguistische analogieën, differenties en raakvlakken.
Twittering for peace? The construction of meaning and Otherness in digital media representations of the Colombian Peace Process
Tombs, memory, reputation: Artists' memorials in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Rome
Zhang, Y. (Yang)
How to make Chinese cities healthy?
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