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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2020

PhD candidates are affiliated to one of the following research institutes:

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Bimpikou, S. (Sofia)
The language of fiction and imagination: towards a formal semantics of narrative style
Heredia Murillo, E.M. (Elizabeth)
Investigating positive, negative and scalar disjunction in child vs adult Spanish and French
Hoppe, D. (Dorothée)
How do we learn the moon is female after all? The role of prefixes and suffixes in second language gender learning
Huang, T. (Ting)
A dynamic study on miltilingual learners' individual differences in writing competence
Deterioration of voice and speech in individuals with Parkinson's disease
Interpreting events in language: an investigation of children’s development of distributivity
Lesonen, S.M. (Sirkku)
Conceptualizations and their mapping onto linguistic constructions: development in L2 Finnish learners in an instructional setting
Müller, A.K. (Kathi)
Timing and attention
The influence of the perception of voice characteristics on linguistic processing in cochlear implant children
Analyzing meaning gaps in translation
Computational Linguistics
Automatische classificatie van MCI/PPA-patiënten met behulp van taaltechnologie
Roi, A. la (Amélie)
I dioms in the ageing brain: the effects of age-related cognitive decline on the processing and comprehension of idioms
Salčić, A. (Aida)
Electrophysiological correlates of morphosyntactic processing in adult dyslexia
Siriboonpipattana, W. (Kaimook)
Offline and Online Sentence Processing: Word Order and Time Reference in Thai Agrammatic Speakers
Processing of evidentiality in Turkish
Processing of time reference and grammatical tone in Akan

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Name Project Title Research Group
Røe, E.H. (Eirik) Tradition and innovation among the Early Dorset of Greenland: a study of lithic technology Arctic and Antarctic Studies

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Project Title
Research Group
Ahlers, R.B. (Rob)
The festivalization of music culture in contemporary Europe: how Eurosonic Noorderslag mediates liveness and cultural flows in the transnational music economy
Bennema, F.A. (Frederiek)
Het ontwerp van een didactische omgeving ten behoeve van het verkrijgen van inzichten m.b.t. de artistieke praktijken van social designers en van de educatie van de social designer
Berkhout, L. (Lenneke)
De wereld van hoveniers, 1621-1730. Praktijk, netwerken en beelden van dynastieke representatie van de prinsen en prinsessen van het Huis van Oranje Nassau
Bhobe, M. (Mahalaxmi)
Learning and skill formation in apprenticeship: a study of formal and non-formal occupational settings in Goa, India
The Paper Company: the impact of paper on the Dutch East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries
Brouwers, A.D. (Amanda)
Entrepreneurship at work: analysing practice, labour, and creativity in journalism
Cezne, E.M. (Eric)
Caught between solidarity and business as usual: The ambivalent role of Brazilian actors in contested infrastructure landscapes in Lusaphone Africa
Daiber, C.M. (Claudia)
The court of justice as a metaphor and representation within the religious play of the early modern time
Farneubun, P.K. (Petrus)
China's rise and implication for Indonesia's political and security stability
Groot Bramel, C. (Carlijn)
New media art in the museum environment. Strategies for the exhibition of interactive digital art in the contemporary exhibition space
Haar, G.A. ter (Gert)
Verstedelijkend landschap, ontwerpen aan de stedelijke transformatie van Noord-Nederland 1950-heden
Hoving, H. (Richard)
Biografie Joseph Kotälla
Carving communities in stone: Inscriptions as a medium of Hellenistic globalisation
Katz-Lavigne, S. (Sarah)
Peace, conflict, and the governance of large-scale mining on the Congolese copperbelt, 2000-present
Ukrainian history at the crossroads of Europe: History politics and Ukraine’s ‘European turn’
My plot, your plat, our inhabited landscape: early modern land surveyors and the record of European physical and social space
Lea, G.R. (Graham)
Goltzius and Lastman's response to contemporary Dutch poetry and prose
Li, M. (Minghui)
Transforming childbirth practices: New style midwifery in China, 1912-1949
Oosterom, G.G. van (Gerrit)
Boerderij en buitenplaats. Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar de rol van de boerderij en het agrarisch cultuurlandschap in de ontwikkeling van de buitenplaatscultuur en het buitenplaatslandschap langs de Oude Rijn, Amstel en De Angstel / Het Gein (1550-1850)
Exloring innovatice learning culture in the newsroom. The drivers and obstacles of newsroom innovation
Raubenheimer, L. (Landi)
Spectatorship of screen media
Schierhuber, S.R.D. (Stephanie)
Disruption and unity in Edmund Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene'
Teeuw, J. (Josine)
Onderzoek naar veranderingen in de totstandkoming van rijksoverheidsbeleid
Biography Felix de Boeck
Willemsen, S.A. (Sofie)
An auto-ethnography of entrepreneurship at work: analysing practice, labour, and creativity of the entrepreneurial journalist
Wölk, A.W. (Axel)
State capitalism in the developmental phases of South Korea, Kazakhstan and Russia – A comparative institutional Analysis
To Proclaim, to Instruct and to Discipline. The visuality of texts in Calvinist churches in the Dutch Republic
Zijlstra, A. (Annemarie)
The landscape of country houses in Frisia (1600-1800). Economy, society and culture
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