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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2017

PhD candidates are affiliated to one of the following research institutes:

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Bjerva, J. (Johannes) - PhD ceremony 7 December 2017
Computational Linguistics
Borleffs, L.E. (Elisabeth) - PhD ceremony 26 April 2018
Hiddink, F.C. (Frans)
De leerkracht als coach bij het stimuleren van mondelinge taalvaardigheid en kennisconstructie binnen onderzoekend leren
Hou, J. (Junping) - PhD ceremony 13 July 2017
The processing of grammatical frequency: passives in standard Indonesian
Keulen, S.A.M.T. (Stefanie) - PhD ceremony 18 May 2017
Kraay, A.P. de (Ton) - PhD ceremony 21 November 2016
Koops van 't Jagt, R. (Ruth) - PhD ceremony 12 July 2018
Oele, D.M. (Dieke) - PhD ceremony 15 March 2018
Computational Linguistics
Schaaf, N.T. van der (Nynke) - PhD ceremony 3 November 2016
Reitsma, L. (Liefke)
Werkwoordsclusters in het Fries, tweetaligheid en taalverandering

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Name Project Title Research Group
Bakker, M. (Marco) The Frisian peat reclamations of the Late Iron Age and Roman Iron Age Pre- and Protohistory
Comis, S.Y. (Sandra) - PhD ceremony 23 November 2017 Zeventiende- en achttiende-eeuwse kleding van walvisvaarders opgegraven op Spitsbergen Arctic and Antarctic Studies
Dresscher, S.J. (Sarah) Surviving off the land and sea: understanding the expansion of European commercial hunting systems into the High Arctic - a case-study of Pomors on Spitsbergen (18th-first half 19th century) Arctic and Antarctic Studies
Varwijk, T.W. (Theun) Settlement development of Frisian terp sites from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages Pre- and Protohistory

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Project Title
Research Group
Arian, A. (Anna)
Patterns of Iranian alignment behavior towards great powers
Baack, S. (Stefan) - PhD ceremony 19 April 2018
Media and Journalism Studies
Damayanti, V.D. (Vera)
History and cultural values of a river landscape at Banjarmasin River City South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia: Opportunities for public participation, landscape planning, and heritage management
Dobbelaar, A.J.C. (Tanny)
Een morfologie van de hedendaagse Nederlandtalige familiegeschiedenis
Elk, N.J. van (Denise)
The ethics of terrorism and counter-terrorism. A virtue-ethical investigation
From Oy to Joy: Jewish Musical Style in American Popular Songs, 1909-1946
Focanti, L. (Lorenzo) - PhD ceremony - 17 May 2018
Haar, A.D.M. van de (Alisa) - PhD ceremony 26 April 2018 - Cum Laude
Hansma, L.J. (Laurien) - PhD ceremony 18 June 2018
Harmsma, J.S. (Jonne)
Biography Jelle Zijlstra
Huberts, W.S. (Willem) - PhD ceremony 9 March 2017
Jiang, B (Bin)
Comparative analysis of the role and behavior of China and the EU in development during the process of aid to Africa
Jiménez Montes, G. (Germán)
Trading networks involved in the timber trade: mechanisms and routes (AD 1500-1800)
Jones, J.C. (Justine)
Prevention, crime and punishment: The specific deterrent effect of international criminal law in ongoing conflicts
Kamerling, S. (Sanne)
New powers, old regimes; how the security identities and strategic cultures of China and India affect their position in international security issues
Keltjens, R.M.E. (Ryanne) - PhD ceremony 4 October 2018
Kusumawati, P.N.L. (Laksmi) - PhD ceremony 12 July 2018
Kuswanto, K.
Globalization versus Decentralization: Managing Foreign Direct Investment under Decentralization era in Indonesia
Landman, L.D. (Lennart)
Means matter: conceptualizing the relationships between capabilities and the discursive construction of the EU's security identity by policy elites
National and transnational identities in the former Yugoslavia and the region's road to European integration
Nieuwland, I.J.J. (Ilja) - PhD ceremony 11 May 2017
Neugebauer, S. (Susanne)
De nalatenschap van Lizzy van Dorp: persoonlijke archivering of continue coproductie van sociale herinnering? Een case study naar archiveringsprocessen rondom personen
Ni, Y. (Yuping)
Economy and Society from a Government Finance Perspective: a Comparison of China and Europe, 1750-1850
Praet, R.G.L. (Rolf) - PhD ceremony 17 May 2018
Soeting, M.F. (Monica) - PhD ceremony 23 January 2017
Santing, K.M. (Kiki) - PhD ceremony 29 June 2017 - Cum Laude
Schuringa, T. (Tom)
Onder economen. Het spanningsveld tussen politiek en economische toporganen historisch verkend, 1945-2008
Smeenge, H. (Harm)
Historische ecologie van Noordoost-Twente. Een interdisciplinaire studie naar de wisselwerking tussen mens en landschap vanaf het Late Pleistoceen tot heden
Smit, P.H. (Rik) - PhD ceremony 29 March 2018 - Cum Laude
Media and Journalism Studies
Spiekhout, A.G.M. (Diana)
Medieval castle landscapes in the Oversticht territory (Northeastern Netherlands) between 1050 and 1425 AD; comparative research at the intersection of medieval archaeology, medieval history and landscape studies
Sun, Y. (Yu) - PhD ceremony 12 July 2018
Media and Journalism Studies
Swart, J.A.C. (Joëlle) - PhD ceremony 28 June 2018
Media and Journalism Studies
Verwaal, R.E. (Ruben) - PhD ceremony 14 June 2018
Wang, Y. (Yingruo) - PhD ceremony 6 September 2018
Westra, M. (Monique)
Gender based violence, humanitarian policy and the Netherlands. A critical analysis of the institutionalisation of preventive mechanisms concerning gender based violence in the Dutch humanitarian policy and the implementation on the national, bilateral and multilateral level
Wever, A.G. (Bart)
Landschap en rechtsverhoudingen in ZW-Drenthe en de kop van Overijssel in de Middeleeuwen (ca. 1000-1400 AD)
Wijayati, N. (Nureni)
The relationship between corporate governance and corruption
Willemsen, S.P.M. (Steven) - PhD ceremony 1 February 2018
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