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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2016

PhD candidates are affiliated to one of the following research institutes:

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Angelo, M.C. d' (Carmela)
I talian as a foreign language: proposal of a model of communicative didactic, based on intercultural approach, between language, culture and media; the sports
Arantzeta-Perez, M. (Miren) - PhD ceremony 6 April 2017
Donné, L. (Lennie) - PhD ceremony 25 October 2018
Golubovic, J. (Jelena) - PhD ceremony 2 May 2016
Computational Linguistics
Haidry, S.E.Z. (Sana) - PhD ceremony 6 April 2017
Jin, Y. (Yinxing) - PhD ceremony 4 February 2016
Popov, S. (Srjdan) - PhD ceremony 6 April 2017
Plat, H. (Rika)
Language use in real time: the dynamics of lexical knowledge in L1 and L2
Safavi, F. (Farnoosh) - PhD ceremony 6 April 2017
Ĺ uster, S. (Simon) - PhD ceremony 10 November 2016
Computational Linguistics
Tjepkema, E. (Ebele)
Het effect van meertaligheidsdidactiek op taalprestaties Nederlands, Fries en Engels in de groepen 7 en 8 van de drietalige basisschool
Vogelzang, M. (Margreet) - PhD ceremony 5 October 2017

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Name Project Title Research Group
Crudo, M. (Maurizio) Greek and indigenous cultural encounters in 8th century BC South Italy - a pottery perspective Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Dijkstra, T.M. (Tamara) Civic and cultural identities in a changing world. Analyzing the mortuary practices of the postclassical Peloponnese Greek Archaeology
Heinrich, F.B.J. (Frits) Productive landscapes. An interdisc study into the productivity of crop husbandry in the Roman Empire 200 BC-AD 300 Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Jones, O.A. (Olivia) Mycenaean burial traditions of Achaea and Kefalonia: an anthropological and bioarchaeological approach Greek Archaeology
Loon, T. van (Tanja) - PhD ceremony 22 June 2017 Defining the Ritual, Analyzing Society: The social significance of material culture in pre-Roman cult places of Latium Vetus Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Postma, D. (Daniel) Lost building traditions: turf construction and early medieval architecture in the southern North Sea area Pre- and Protohistory
Waldus, W.B. (Wouter) De Zuiderzee als verkeersplein Pre- and Protohistory

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Name Project Title Research Group
Benjamins, M.B.H. (Meriel) Dutch middlebrow literature 1930-1940: middlebrow publishers Arts in Society
Boudewijn, P.R. (Petra) - PhD ceremony 27 October 2017 Warm bloed: De representatie van Indo-Europeanen in de Indisch-Nederlandse letterkunde (1860-heden) Arts in Society
Hamilton, C.N. (Nigel) - PhD ceremony 28 April 2016 - Cum Laude Commander in chief: FDR's battle with Churchill, 1943 ...
Hove, J. van (Johnny) - PhD ceremony 23 January 2017 Congoism: An archeology of Congo discourses in the United States from 1800 to Present Historical Studies
IJssennagger, N.L. (Nelleke) - PhD ceremony 23 November 2017 Central because Liminal. Frisia in a Viking Age North Sea World Historical Studies
Koops-Roo, L.D. (Jolienke) Onderzoek naar het asielbeleid in een drietal lidstaten van de EU: de Benelux International Relations
Purnama, A. (Ari) Southeast Asian cultural identities in the cinematic arts: Styles, Narrative, Themes and the Contexts of Contemporary Independent Cinemas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (2000-2011) Arts in Society
Radetzky, R.L. (Rita) Lucas Pieter Roodbaard (1782-1851) en de vroege Engelse landschapsstijl in Noord-Nederland Historical Studies
Schohaus, B. (Birte) - PhD ceremony 14 March 2017 Entertaining politics, seriously?!: How talk show formats blur conceptual boundaries Media and Journalism Studies
Rapatsa, M.T. (Mashele) The worst forms of child labour as a human rights issue and a threat to development in South Africa: a comparative analysis International Relations
Tumuheki, P.B. (Peace) - PhD ceremony 2 March 2017 Lifelong learning in practice: Understanding and enabling meaningful participation of non-traditional students in university education in Uganda International Relations
Slootweg, T. (Tom) - PhD ceremony 9 April 2018 Resistance, disruption and belonging: electronic video in three amateur modes Historical Studies
Wabule, A. (Alice) - PhD ceremony 2 March 2017 Professional integrity of teachers in Uganda: Practical action strategies International Relations
Tijhoff, A.E. (Esmeralda) The Boissevain sisters: knowledge and power on the threshold of democracy Historical Studies
Wijermars, M.W. (Mariëlle) - PhD ceremony 28 November 2016 Memory politics in contemporary Russia: Television, cinema and the state Arts in Society
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