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About us FEB Research / FEB Graduate School of Economics and Business Research master


This page will give a short overview of the goals and activities of MORE.


MORE is an acronym for Masters Of REsearch. As the name suggests, it is the study association for all Research Master students of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Its primary purpose of existence is to counterbalance the stressful Research Master program. It does so by hosting social events for all Research Master students within the faculty, thus keeping students from all profiles in touch with each other.


MORE’s aim is to host social events on a monthly-and-a-half basis. In the current set-up, all students are informed about upcoming events through e-mail, and are asked to sign up at the SOM office if they want to participate. Some (recent) examples of such events include: a bowling night, a cocktail shaking workshop, a trip to the zoo, and several dinners. In addition to these events, MORE also facilitates unofficial get-togethers on an ad-hoc basis.

Composition and contact

The current MORE committee consists of:

  • Barbora Onderišinová
  • Sanne Wolf
  • Barnabas Bakucz
  • Sebastian Virsik
  • Ugne Šličiūtė

You can e-mail the committee (moregroningen if you have questions regarding MORE, have suggestions for future events, want to aid us in organizing these events, or even want to join us.

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