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 Does the societal norm follow the policy, or does the policy follow the societal norm?

How do pro-LGBTIA+ policies affect the life satisfaction of sexual minorities?

Date:22 December 2021
Author:Maaike Jonker

For my Master thesis, I examined the association between pro-LGB policies that existed in 30 European countries and the amount of life satisfaction LGB adults report. I looked into the life satisfaction of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adults in several...

Moralization is often looked at as an emotional or very cognitive process.

Moralizing short-distance flights

Date:22 June 2021
Author:Vladimir Bojarskich

My thesis topic is about moralization: how people develop moral versus non-moral attitudes. I focus in particular on how people develop a moral stance towards short-distance flights. 

Narcississm is often associated with Donald Trump

Grandiose and vulnerable collective narcissism

Date:17 May 2021
Author:Jasper Smit

My thesis is about collective narcissism. Narcissism is often associated with Donald Trump. Narcissists have an extremely positive self-image, are unable to handle criticism and tend to extol themselves. My research focuses on the collective variant of...