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Neurofeedback training has been widely studied, but only very little in relation to executive functions.

EEG, neurofeedback training and executive functions

Date:14 April 2022
Author:Karl Zimmerman

During my bachelor's at the UG, I was introduced to the field of executive functions and neurofeedback. The idea of enabling someone to improve their brain without the use of drugs or other invasive methods really spoke to me. In neurofeedback training...

Theories differ on why people with DID are so fragmented, and when they developed the disorder

Do you know yourself? Understanding identity fragmentation in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Date:30 November 2021
Author:Wencke Donath
My thesis is about identity fragmentation in Dissociative Identity Disorder. Focusing on the concept of identity is, in itself, a very engaging endeavour.   It is such a vast topic. How do you define someone’s identity? How is it related to mental health disorders involving difficulties understanding oneself or disorders involving trauma? Ultimately, this project offered me the opportunity to investigate these questions and also gave me the chance to work with actual patient data. 
The impact of emotions and different emotion regulation strategies on eating behaviour

Emotion regulation and obesity

Date:28 October 2021
Author:Megane Ackermans
Obesity is an epidemic that has become a global issue. Research shows that diets often backfire and people end up gaining even more weight. To help people lose weight, a psychological approach could prove to be more effective. My thesis topic became: the impact of emotions and different emotion regulation strategies on eating behaviour in women with a healthy weight and in women with obesity.