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STEM – State of Emergency Mapping Internships


The declaration of a state of emergency status is the tool of last resort for democracies to defend its people and itself against threats from inside and outside. It grants extended powers to the executive, accelerates decision-making and judicial processes – to some extent at the expense of democratic control and rule of law. Also autocracies use this tool in a similar fashion. However, their end goal, most often than not, is solely to preserve the autocratic rule without regard for the citizens.


STEM is a REG project that aims to map state of emergency declarations all over the world. The aim is to compile a database that contains information on emergency powers de lege and de facto in order to gain a better understanding of the politics of law in different regions of the world. One of the outcomes should be an open source database for researchers to study the occurrence, circumstances and backgrounds against which emergencies are being declared and to connect these with the laws governing the declarations as well as providing further literature.


Students will conduct research for the project under the supervision of Prof. dr. Andrej Zwitter (Department of International Relations and Department of Legal Theory). Their task will be to build a searchable database, to track developments in the world and to support associated research activities. Furthermore, under supervision of Prof. Zwitter the two students will also work on a publication, which maps the state of the art in legal and political studies about theory and practice of state of emergencies.

Students are expected to work independently/autonomously where necessary.


10 ECTS for BA level – IRIO Students

7 ECTS for BA level – Law Students


  • Excellent skills in academic research and writing
  • Microsoft Office
  • 3rd year Bachelor’s
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