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Past events

24 June 2013:

Second Annual GSG-REG Summer School on Transitional Justice, Cres (Croatia)

19 - 28 July 2013:

Summer School on Democracy and Good Governance, Sousse (Tunisia)

8 November 2012:

Breaking the News: How Social Media change Journalism in a Globalizing World

22 October 2013

GSG-REG Talk on "The Responsibility to Protect in light of Pro-Democratic Intervention Theory"

7 November 2012:

GSG-REG Talk: Understanding Terrorist Finance

8 October 2012:

GSG-REG Roundtable: Transitional Justice in the Former Yugoslavia

7-8 May 2012, Rijeka (Croatia)

A Crisis of Legitimacy? Rethinking Transition and Globalisation. Co-Hosted by: The Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka and GSG-REG. Hrvatska najava.

Kosovo and Serbia: Where to Now?
Time: 7 – 8:30 PM - Wednesday 19 October 2011
Location: Harmonie Building, room

Time: 7 – 8:30 PM - Wednesday 19 October 2011Location: Harmonie Building, room

The outbreak of violence between KFOR and Kosovo Serbs on 27 September and the collapse of EU sponsored Belgrade-Pristina talks on 28 September have thrown Serbia’s EU bid into crisis.  Indeed, on 12 October the European Commission recommended Serbia be awarded candidate state status, but declined to recommend the initiation of accession talks, which have now been conditioned on a normalization of Belgrade-Pristina relations. As Pristina, backed by KFOR and EULEX, attempts to exert its authority in northern Kosovo, which has hitherto been governed by parallel institutions established by Belgrade, border clashes between KFOR and Kosovo Serbs and an incoherent international response to growing tensions serve as a reminder of the extent to which Kosovo’s final status remains contested both within Kosovo and abroad. It is within this context that this roundtable will reflect upon the legal and political dimensions of the Kosovo crisis. Issues that will be discussed by panellists will include reflections on Kosovo’s status under international law along with responses to the questions of what Pristina’s attempt to secure control of contested border checkpoints and integrate northern Kosovo into the Republic of Kosovo mean for both Kosovo and Serbia? And, how should the EU respond to the current crisis?

Flyer Kosovo and Serbia: Where to Now?


Mini Conference: State of Emergency – International, German, and Austrian legal perspectives
REG organised a Mini-Conference on 23 May 2011 with roundtable discussions on the current national and international legal practice of state emergencies. The mini-conference featured presentations on: legal theory, international law, German law, and Austrian law. Thereafter, a round table discussion facilitated an open debate on the future of states of emergency in different contexts. This event served to launch an inter-university research project: States of Emergency in Theory and Legal Practice, which will result in the publication of two edited volumes.

Global Perspectives on Habermas Conference

This conference was held on 27-28 April 2011 in Groningen.

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