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PhD Hubs

GSG aims at fostering an ever increasing flow of international PhD candidates towards the University of Groningen in order to study globalisation-related topics. For this purpose we identified a set of thematic areas where University of Groningen professors are particularly active and are inviting guest researchers.

The provisional list of thematic PhD Hubs is:

  • Humanitarian Studies and Conflict;
  • Governance for sustainable resource use;
  • Good governance and sustainable society;
  • Education and Lifelong Learning for Social Inclusion;
  • Universal Access to Health Services; and Religion and Conflict.

Download the brochure to read more about each hub.

- In November 2014, prof. Joost Herman and Dr. Yongjun Zhao will attend the PhD Workshop China.

- In December 2012 and 2013, prof. Joost Herman and Dr. Yongjun Zhao visited the major Educational Fair in Beijing, interviewing over forty candidates; twelve of them have been coached to further develop their research proposal, while at least four of them have been accepted in Groningen for a PhD trajectory and are in the process of applying for a China Scholarship Council fellowship. Dr. Yongjun Zhao coordinates the PhD Hub initiative at GSG.

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