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Conferences, Seminars and Summer Schools



21 January - Tunisian Youth Politicians Masterclass

22 January - Lecture by Prof. Dr. Kayhan Barzegar on "Iranian Foreign Policy under Rouhani’s Administration: from Regionalism to Globalism"

26 January - Lecture by Prof. Dr. Kayhan Barzegar on "The Middle East after the Arab Spring"

16 February - GSG-ESLA Conference

17 February - Inaugural lecture Professor Jacques Zeelen

18 February - GSG Annual Conference



8 December - 17 December - Winter School on Human Rights in Groningen, The Netherlands

11 December - 12 December - Conference: Past, Present and Future of Peace Research in Groningen, The Netherlands

23 June - 3 July - Summer School: Transitional Justice and Politics of Memory in Cres, Croatia

5 - 9 July - Africa, China and Europe Intensive Programme in Development Studies (ACE) in Morogoro, Tanzania

31 July - 10 August - Summer School: Elections and Citizenship in Sousse, Tunisia

18 - 29 August - Summer School: Smart Grids from a Global Perspective: Bridging Old and New Energy Systems in Groningen, the Netherlands


16 May - IBMG Symposium:"Practical implications of the right to health: what can we expect as future healthcare professionals?", Groningen

22 May at 20:00 – Public lecture: Michaël de Groot on 'Inadequate Provision for Micro-agri Finance to Rural Enterprises' , Groningen

24 May - African Student Community Symposium. “Africa: The spirit of Union in Diversity”, Groningen

29 May at 20:00 – Public lecture: Drs Hidde van der Veer on 'Promoting Youth Empowerment through Financial Inclusion, the World-wide Impact of the Aflatoun Programme', Groningen

5 June at 20:00 – Public Lecture: Xavier Gine on 'Financial Services for the Poor', Groningen

16 June - Call for Papers: World Conference of Humanitarian Studies, Istanbul, Turkey

24 June to 4 July - Summer School on Transitional Justice and the Politics of Memory, Cres, Croatia

19 to 28 July - Summer School on Democracy and Good Governance in Sousse, Tunisa

24 to 27 October – World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Istanbul, Turkey

A summarized overview from last year's events can be found below. The complete list with GSG past activities can be found in our 2011 and 2012 Annual Report.


May - GSG-REG Conference: ‘A Crisis of Legitimacy? Rethinking Transition and Globalisation’
A conference organised by GSG-REG and Department of Cultural Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia. More information in the section ‘Summer Schools & Intensive Programmes’

May - Second Invitational Conference on Lifelong Learning and Social Exclusion in an International Context. This closed conference was a joint effort of the Department of Lifelong Leaning, University of Groningen and Globalisation Studies Groningen. With Teachers College, Columbia University, New York; Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, Uganda; Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda; Gulu University, Uganda; Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique; and the University of Limpopo, South-Africa, all represented, the conference promises to visit a wide array of issues relating to Lifelong Learning, especially oriented towards dealing with marginal groups in society.

June - Biotechnology and Society in Africa (BTSA) Summer Academy
A high-level Summer Academy for African biotechnology regulators. The main objective was to present and clarify the European perspectives and experiences on biotechnology regulation to contribute to the development of African regulation frameworks. Twelve regulators from seven African countries attended.

July - The European International Relations Summer School; World Society & Energy Transition (Groningen)

July - Public lecture ‘Diversity, Decentralization and Dynamics: Rethinking China’s Regional Development’ By prof. Zuo Ting of China Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing. More on his visit to Groningen can be found below.

August - Summer School on Transitional Justice in Sousse, Tunisia. ‘Democracy and Transitional Justice’

August - Intensive Programme on Land Issues in the Age of Globalisation. EU-funded IP of Coimbra Group Development Master Initiative (CGDMI) in Szeged and Zanga-Balaton, Hungary. More information in the section Summer Schools & Intensive Programmes.

October - Public seminar of GSG-REG on Transitional Justice in the Former Yugoslavia. Featuring: Dr. Vjeran Pavlaković (University of Rijeka), Dr. Vladimir Petrovic (Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies) and Dr. Christopher K. Lamont (UG). Chair: Prof. dr. Caroline Fournet (Academic Director Criminal Law and Criminology, UG)

October - Public seminar of GSG-REG on Memory and the Second World War. Speaker: Dr. Vjeran Pavlaković (Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka), Croatia.

October - Bazar Conference Göttingen, Gent, Groningen, Uppsala (U4). GSG globalisation-related research was presented by dr. Pieter Boele van Hensbroek at the linking conference in Göttingen.

November - Public seminar GSG-REG on Understanding Terrorist Finance. By Timothy Wittig, author of the book: Understanding Terrorist Finance.

November - Public seminar GSG-REG on Breaking the News: How Social Media Change Journalism in a Globalizing World. Speaker: Dr. Ansgard Heinrich (Centre for Media and Journalism Studies, University of Groningen). Respondent: Dr. Thomas Poell (Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam)

November - Expert workshop organized by GSG-REG on; The Rule of law and Grassroots Justice: Rethinking the State, Civil Society and Transitional Justice. An international panel of experts reflected during the workshop on both the state of transitional justice and transitional justice beyond the state to examine the role of non-state actors in shaping transitional justice policies.

November - IRIO lustrum conference ‘Imagining Democracy: Arab Spring, Asian Visions and Western Lessons’. This conference looked towards the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region as well as towards Asian experiences of democracy. They explored the parallels and differences between these alternative models of governance.

December - Public GSG Interactive lecture on Global Ageing. Two Tanzanian social workers and a representative of the NGO World Granny presented and discussed with students about programmes to improve the well-being of elderly in developing countries. Co-organised with the Discover Development student group of the Minor Development Studies.

December - Second Annual GSG Conference. A lively and interactive event for University of Groningen staff and PhD researchers.


May - Early School Leaving in Africa (closed one-week seminar). Key organizer: Dr. Jacques Zeelen.

June - Second European Research Conference on Microfinance (co-organised with CIBIF/RUG and e-MFP Brussels). See Key organizers: prof. Robert Lensink and Dr. Pieter Boele van Hensbroek (GSG). Conference website.

October - Governance changes in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice after the Lisbon Treaty: Internalization within the EU and the member states and externalization in foreign policy. Key organizers: Ron Holzhacker and Paul Luif. Conference Programme.

December - GSG Launch Conference. Network event for University of Groningen staff and PhD researchers.


December - Humanitarian Challenges in a Globalized World. “Ten years of NOHA in Groningen” international conference. Key organizers: Renée Bakker and  Dr. Joost Herman (NOHA/GSG) .

November - Africa for Sale; analyzing and theorizing foreign land claims and acquisitions. NVAS (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Afrika Studies) annual conferentie. Key organizer Dr. Michiel Doortmont, faculty of Arts.

November - Neoliberalism in Latin America. NALACS annual conference (Netherlands Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies). Key organizer Dr. Leandro Vergara of GSG.

September - Globalisation and Conflict: entanglement between local and cosmopolitan orientations. Osaka – Groningen Annual Forum. Key organizer Dr. J. Herman.

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