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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

Book Presentation Professor Richard T. Griffiths: Revitalising the Silk Road China's Belt and Road Initiative

When:Th 07-12-2017 12:30 - 14:00
Where:Old Court Room, Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen

Distinguished Economic Historian Professor Richard. T Griffiths presents his much praised book Revitalising the Silk Road (Hipe Publications, 2017). From an interview by Zhao Xiaona: "I'm an economic historian … One of the big things is that development in infrastructure promotes economic growth in some cases but not in others …. I started researching exactly what was happening along these various corridors … and trying to see what was being rolled out by the project itself rather than how people were talking about its political dimensions." “European cooperation is of major importance to the success of the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Richard T. Griffiths is Emeritus Professor of Economic and Social History and Professor of International Studies at Leiden University. He has also taught at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok), Renmin University (Beijing) and Victoria University (Canada). Before joining Leiden University, Griffiths had been professor of Contemporary History at the European University Institute (Florence) where he directed the permanent research project of European integration history.

“The book written by Professor Richard Griffiths is the most academically valuable research by European scholars. As a political economist Richard Griffiths’ work looks at the initiative from different perspectives - from foreign policy to economic interests and development strategies.” Professor Xinxing Song, Renmin University

"The hype about OBOR in China and elsewhere would seem to be based much more on 'vision' and imagination about what might perhaps become a reality…. Professor Griffiths’ book is an amazing relief in this respect. He succeeds in gathering the countless facts in an orderly and comprehensible fashion (I know of no other source having done that so far)… Those interested in OBOR should start with this book." Professor Jacques Pelkmans, Senoir Research Fellow at CEPS, Author of The ASEAN Economic Community, 2015