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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

Webinar - Youth and COVID-19: A chance to build a stronger youth sector

When:Tu 16-03-2021 15:30 - 17:00
Youth & Covid
Youth & Covid

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Recent studies conducted by Council of Europe researchers and by the speakers of this event has demonstrated the huge impact that COVID-19 lockdowns and mitigation measures had on youth, youth organisations, and youth activities. Many youth organisations in Europe reported a shutdown of their activities, decrease in their outreach to youth, and loss of funding. On the other hand, many youth and youth organisations took the initiative to support their communities through the challenges of COVID-19 and lockdown, e.g., by doing groceries and developing masks.

The lack of structural support to the youth sector during COVID-19 is caused to a large extent by the lack of a formal “youth sector” as recognized in policies and strategies. As a result, youth were not consistently part of, or considered in decision-making processes. The current pandemic has shown the vulnerability as well as the importance of youth and youth organisations, and we should take this opportunity as starting point to build stronger youth sectors across the world.

In this line, the Youth Education and Work (YEW) network presents a learning session on Youth & COVID: A chance to build a stronger youth sector to share knowledge from across the world on “the youth sector” and the support for youth (organisations) during COVID-19. The purpose of the meeting is to learn from each other about good practices of youth organisations during COVID-19 lockdowns and brainstorm together how the youth sector can be strengthened and subsequently mobilized in the future. The session therefore envisages some interactive elements.


Loes van der Graaf (Senior Researcher) and Hanna Siarova (Research Director) work for PPMI Group, a research institute in Lithuania. Together, they worked on various studies to understand the impact of COVID-19 on education and youth in Europe, which serves as a starting point for the learning session. In the past, they conducted various studies on education and youth for UNICEF, UNESCO, and UNDP, as well as for EU institutions. Loes participated in the 2018 YEW summer school on “Youth Education and Work in post-conflict societies” in Gulu, Uganda.