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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

GSG Symposium: Counterterrorism as Strategic Culture

From:We 16-03-2022
Until:Th 17-03-2022
Where:University of Groningen + online
Click here to join online:

Two decades after 9/11, counterterrorism has become a central feature in security poli- cies worldwide. In many countries this has been present for much longer. In connection with cybersecurity, fear for social media and for ‘dissident’ thought, this has wide reper- cussions for state-society nexuses worldwide, for the precarious balance between col- lective security and individual freedoms, and for the mobilization of fear as a disciplin- ing and legitimizing practice.

This symposium will address the question if and how counterterrorism has become a permanent feature of national and international strategic cultures. Has it pushed intel- ligence to become the major factor in the armed forces? Has it removed the distinctions between police and military? Has it removed differentiations between internal and ex- ternal threat perceptions? Has it structurally reversed the norm of being ‘innocent un- less proven guilty’?

The symposium will host up to five panel discussions, presenting topical research pa- pers by PhD-candidates and experts in the field, potentially resulting in publication as a Special Issue in Critical Studies on Terrorism.