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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

GSG Summer School - Entrepreneurship and Youth Development in an International Context

From:We 20-07-2022
Until:Sa 30-07-2022

Entrepreneurship and Youth Development in an International Context

Encouraging active citizenship & sustainable development

The connection between studying and working is not straightforward. Some young people have a fixed idea of what profession they would like to learn, and some adjust it with every new insight in their studies. Some people gradually develop an idea of where to start their career, and some start a (small) enterprise of their own trying to build a sustainable livelihood.

The question for this summer school is how education can facilitate and support this quest of young people to organise their lives. We will explore this in the context of Gulu, a town in northern Uganda that is reinventing itself after the violent conflicts in that area. Lecturers from the international collective ‘Youth, education and work’ will share their research experiences on these issues.

Next to this, fieldwork will be conducted in and around Gulu, meeting with Ugandan students, graduates, and young entrepreneurs. This way, you will gain hands-on experience with Participatory Action Research. Together, you will analyse the issues at stake and design innovative ways to support young people to sustain themselves and contribute to their environment. The UNESCO chair on ‘Lifelong learning, youth and work’ has a track record of bringing together the people and organisations that work on these issues.

The summer school will form a platform for young people to exchange experiences, develop their own thinking and design innovative solutions. In addition to valuable experiences for the participants, the results will be channelled back as recommendations for educational innovations and disseminated in research publications.

Logistic information:
Place: Gulu, Uganda
Date: 2 week course from 20 - 30 July 2022
Costs: 400 euros - Lunch, local field trips and travel from Entebbe to Gulu included
Certificate: from University of Groningen, UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Learning and Gulu University

More information and registration via:

Summer School Gulu