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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

GSG Public Lecture: Drugs in the Netherlands (with ITG/SIB)

When:Mo 14-02-2022 20:00 - 22:00
Where:Van Swinderen Huys + online

Click here for livestream

SIB, The Illicit Trade Group and GSG are co-organising a public lecture on Drugs in the Netherlands.

A narco-state is a country whose economy is dependent on the trade of illegal drugs. Although the Dutch economy is not currently defined as a narco-state, it is an illicit market that has an increasing influence on its society. The Netherlands has been described as a central hub for the global drug market due to its many transit ports and the large number of synthetic drugs being produced in the country and distributed around the world. A tolerant approach towards drug use and its low penalties for drug-related crimes have contributed to the country’s position as a top producer for drugs.


Prof Francesco Giumelli's academic expertise focuses on Illicit Trade. He will talk about the Netherlands as a narco state. And we have invited Pim Geelhoed, a professor in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, to share his insights on the legal aspects of this issue.

Afterwards, there will be a Q&A with the audience.

Francesco Giumelli
Francesco Giumelli

Francesco Giumelli

Dr. Francesco Giumelli holds a Ph.D. from the University of Florence and is Deputy Head of Department and Associate Professor in International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen. His field of expertise lies in illicit trade, international sanctions and EU foreign policy. Dr Giumelli is one of the organizers of the Illicit Trade Summer School and coordinator of the Illicit Trade Group.

Pim Geelhoed
Pim Geelhoed

Pim Geelhoed

Dr. Pim Geelhoed is an associate professor in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the University of Groningen. He specializes in criminal law and criminal procedure, especially EU Criminal Law. Alongside his position at Groningen University he is also a deputy judge in the Noord-Nederland District Court, a member and chair subcommittee criminal law at Meijers Committee. Dr. Geelhoed held courses in the previous years of Illicit Trade Summer School about the legal trends in illicit trade and organized crime.

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