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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

GSG Movie Night: Driving with Selvi

When:Tu 22-03-2022 19:00 - 21:00
Where:University of Groningen, Marie Lokezaal (Harmony Building, Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26)

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GSG is excited to screen the movie Driving with Selvi  in cooperation with the Groningen Indian Students Association (GISA) and the Institute of Indian Studies (IIS).

Driving with Selvi is about female empowerment and moving beyond a painful past. Selvi is a former child bride who escaped an abusive marriage to become India's first female taxi driver and become the architect of her own fortune. Selvi's story is as inspiring as it is important!

After the documentary, we will have PhD student Ashutosh Kumar comment on the movie in light of his exciting research focus. In the past five years, Ashutosh has been working with Eka Nari Sanghthan (ENS), a Single Women's Collective from the indigenous community Kondha. As Kondha is an agricultural community, land becomes the most important means of sustenance and security. But the women are mostly landless, especially the ones who get separated, widowed, or are never married. This makes them vulnerable and they are at the mercy of their families or in-laws for survival and sustenance. Most of these women take to wage labor in the farms or factories. In 2017, the women from Emaliguda village, who are also members of ENS, leased 3 acres of land for the cultivation of paddy. For this land, they collectively pooled in money.

This is an example where a collective of women took it upon themselves to nurture their future and create security collectively. Most of these women were abused by their family members-- brothers, fathers, and sisters-in-law, but ENS became a space where they found love and care and a sense of belonging. This carving out of one's future is also an important part of Selvi's journey and we are excited to hear about the similarities and differences from Ashutosh after the documentary.

Watch the trailer of Driving with Selvi.

Driving with Selvi
Driving with Selvi