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Research Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

GSG Conference - Covid19 and the Impact on the Global South

When:We 02-12-2020
Where:Van SwinderenHuys + Online

GSG Conference 2020 - Online Edition
Impact of Covid19 on the Global South and Recommended Development Policies

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In the evening of December 1st we will go into conversation with Bert Koenders on Covid-19 as a Challenge to Development Policies. As a former Minister of Development Cooperation and Foreign Affairs, he can draw on his experiences with international cooperation and indicate what the role of international organizations like the UN, the EU, NGOs and the Dutch government should be. What lessons have been learned that can help us now and with the development of future policy. More info. 

The next day, December 2nd, we welcome four other experts from the field of development cooperation to discuss the impact of an epidemic like Covid19 on developing countries. The focus will be especially on the poorest parts of the population and how support can be provided to local NGOs and / or governments through development cooperation or other international policies.

 What can we learn from the broad experience of Bram van Ojik (Dutch politician of the GreenLeft party), Francesco Mascini (former diplomat in developing countries), Nelke Manders (director of MSF NL), and Farah Karimi (former director of Oxfam and senate member)?

We will talk with them about Covid19 in relation to:
- The consequences for the migration issue
- The economic impact on developing countries
- The impact on vulnerable states and conflict zones
- The effect on the Sustainable Development Goals
- Restoration to the development cooperation and recommended development policies 

After each talk there will be time for you to send in your questions as well.

Host and moderator during the day is Honorary Professor Max van den Berg.

Conference Programme: 

Date Time Speaker Topic Place Online Live Link
Tue - 1 Dec 2020 20.00 - 21.30 Bert Koenders - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Covid-19 as a challenge to development policies

Van SwinderenHuys, Groningen (30 max). Register to attend live via LINK

Wed - 2 Dec 2020

13.15 Max van den Berg -

Honorary Professor of Global Governance and Sustainable Livelihood at GSG


Van SwinderenHuys, Groningen (30 max). Register to attend live via



Bram van Ojik - Parliament Member - GroenLinks

Economic impact on developing countries

Van SwinderenHuys, Groningen (30 max). Register to attend live via



Francesco Mascini - Former diplomat in developing countries, journalist and NGO employee.

Consequences Covid19 for the migration issue

Van SwinderenHuys, Groningen (30 max). Register to attend live via






Nelke Manders - General Director / Chair of the Operational Centre Amsterdam at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Artsen zonder Grenzen

The (changing) role of MSF during the Covid19 crisis

Van SwinderenHuys, Groningen (30 max). Register to attend live via



Farah Karimi - Senate Member - GroenLinks and former director of Oxfam Novib

Impact on vulnerable states and conflict zones

Van SwinderenHuys, Groningen (30 max). Register to attend live via


Bios per speaker

Farah Karimi
Farah Karimi has been a senate member of the GreenLeft since 2019. She was a Member of Parliament in 1998-2006. Ms. Karimi came to the Netherlands as an Iranian refugee and was coordinator of Aisa, a project for the emancipation and support of black, migrant and refugee women. She was director of Oxfam Novib for ten years before joining the senate.

Bram van Ojik
Bram van Ojik is Dutch politician and diplomat of the GreenLeft party and activist. Since 2017, he has been a member of the House of Representatives. He previously served in the House from 1993 to 1994, and from 2012 to 2015. In the latter three years he also served as leader of GroenLinks. He had also been an Envoy of the Netherlands for human migration since 20 October 2015.

Nelke Manders
Nelke Manders has been the General Director of Médecins Sans Frontières / Artsen zonder Grenzen since 2017. She is responsible for developing the social mission, the strategy and ensuring results of the MSF Operational Centre Amsterdam.

Francesco Mascini
Francesco Mascini worked as a diplomat in several developing countries, is a former journalist and NGO-employee. Francesco Mascini is a former spokesperson for the Minister for Development Cooperation, Bert Koenders.

This event is co-organised with SIB Groningen.