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As the Netherlands is a very small country, accommodation is the one the most challenging things here. We advise for you to start looking for an accommodation as soon as you can because you might either not be able to come or will leave in one of the temporary shelters (container and tents) given by the University.

To try and help here are some options:

  • Student housing in Groningen: . This company has around five accommodation in Groningen, each having around 500 students each. It can accommodate you for your first year of bachelor, masters or PhD.
  • Rental Apartments in Groningen: It is hard to find a whole apartment for yourself and even to share with your friends because they can be very expensive and have a lot of requirements. However, you can always give it a try with these websites.

Another way that is commonly used here to find rooms, as they are more affordable is through Facebook groups and Kamernet. However, keep an eye for scammers and always make sure to see the house/room and conditions before and how legitimate it really is.

Kamernet: . You might have to pay a monthly amount to have access to all rooms/apartments but you can share your account with your friends to decrease some costs.

Facebook pages: Try your best to only use closed group pages where you have to ask permission from the admins to get in. Here are some links:

University of Groningen:

This is one of the Facebook pages that the university has for you to familiarise yourself with:

For incoming students:

The actual university page on Facebook:



Hanze University of Applied Science:



For other important things:

Banking : Most students here use ING or RABO bank. They have affordable fees and have an easy procedure for students.

Bicycles: Bikes are the best mean of transportation here in The Netherlands; a bike second hand can be between 50-150 euros. Many international students use swapfiets, which is a very reliable bike company here and it can cost 13 euros per month but comes with advantages:

Health Insurance: As internationals it is important to have health insurance; there are many to choose from. However, most international students tend to use AON: .

Other websites/Webpages to familiarize yourself more with the city of Groningen:

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