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Welcome to the website of the African Student Community (ASC)

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela once said the quote above. This is a sentiment strongly echoed by the African Student Association. For many new international students in the Netherlands the decision to study abroad was not taken lightly. Many students make this decision with the knowledge that studying in an international context not only enriches you academically but culturally and socially expanding life experiences, spreading social networks across borders. Education is a powerful tool and an integral part of the improvement of societies. For many African students in the city of Groningen, their education will open doors for the betterment and improvement of their native countries and the relationships formed during their stay in the city would last a lifetime. Out of this goal, the ASC was born; born out of a desire to build a bridge within the community of African students in Groningen, organising social and educational events, connecting students with academic and networking opportunities.

One of my favourite things about Africans is that we have communities all over the world to support each other, creating a sense of home for many who find themselves in a new environment. The ASC strives to be this community for student from the continent and in the diaspora. Its act as a bridge and a point of contact for many looking to meet new people, expand their social and professional networks and to come together in support and encouragement for one another.

This year, with the pandemic looming over our academic experiences, this ASC board is striving to maintain these links seeking out new opportunities to enrich our members. The goal of the present board is to maintain this connection between the African students of Groningen and Leeuwarden especially in this difficult time of uncertainty and instability. This new board intends on keeping up the traditions and values of community, acceptance, and support.

I wish you all success in this academic year!

Genevieve Nwaojigba

Last modified:25 September 2020 11.46 a.m.