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A single bracelet doesn’t jingle

A quick Google search will tell you that this proverb, “a single bracelet doesn’t jingle” is a Congolese adage but upon further research you will find other sources attributing it to Nigeria and Uganda. Because of the various sources claiming a different African country, I believe it is safe to say that this is a proverb that will resonate well to those familiar with African cultures. Hopefully it will not only speak to your imagination but also to your conscience, your heart.

The African Students Community was birthed with the intention to connect the studying (and the working) Africans in the lovely city of Groningen. Simply put, representation matters and this representation needed to be done by African students for African students. The students that came all the way from Africa to study in Groningen believed that they deserved and needed to build a platform. A platform that has been used and will continue to be used as a way to connect. This connecting has happened and still happens throughout the events presented by us.

Another point of attention which has added that much more shine to the African Students Community, is that we have always worked with those who consider themselves friends of Africa. These friends can be characterized as people with a genuine love and care for the vast and diverse African continent. Together we dance, we talk, we listen, we learn and exchange our ideas.

During the first meeting of the sitting Board, we discussed what we wanted to work on this academic school year. Which is to invite you to identify your bracelet. So that we may identify our “bracelets” and bring us together to create meaningful sounds. This means working together as members on projects that will further establish the African Students Community. Just as every bracelet has a clasp to fasten together the two ends, the African Students Community also has a clasp. A clasp that is characterized by education, one of our important pillars: education of the self and secondly of the other.

Chairman 2018/19

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