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Welcome to the website of the African Student Community (ASC)

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

This is one of the many inspirational quotes by a great African Man, Nelson Mandela. Most of us Africans present in foreign countries leave our home country in hope to find better education to one day apply in our home countries and see them thrive and achieve horizons that were never imagined. As a strong believer that not only Africa as a continent but also Africans have a lot to give and achieve it is believed that this quote is what would better resonate us! Because with education you can really change the world, the perception that people have towards a certain topic and capability to open doors that maybe once other people could not. In addition, education is not only powerful weapon but it motivates you to leave your comfort zone, because a winner is a dreamer who never gives up. However, when achieving higher degree of education it comes from the help of many people, meaning that it is not possible to achieve things alone, it is important to have a sense of teamwork and trust in others.

The African Students Community was birthed with the intention to connect the studying (and the working) Africans in the lovely city of Groningen. Simply put, representation matters and this representation needed to be done by African students for African students. The students that came all the way from Africa to study in Groningen believed that they deserved and needed to build a platform. A platform that has been used and will continue to be used as a way to connect. This connecting has happened and still happens throughout the events presented by us.

Another point of attention which has added that much more shine to the African Students Community, is that we have always worked with those who consider themselves friends of Africa. These friends can be characterized as people with a genuine love and care for the vast and diverse African continent. Together we dance, we talk, we listen, we learn and exchange our ideas.

The present Board intends to keep on the same traditions that the ASC was grounded from and continuing to help those who are present and will come to Groningen. Not only do we want to create a platform but also a family! A family that will help you not only adapt but also adjust to a different culture and location.

Nirva Portugal
Chair ASC

Last modified:09 December 2019 12.58 p.m.