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Let’s meet: Sabine Otten - GSG Governor since 2018

Prof. Sabine Otten
Prof. Sabine Otten

Where are you from and what did you study?
I’m from Germany and I was born in the Western part of the country as it was still divided back then. I studied Social Psychology at Munster University and later on got a job there as well. After the unification I moved to Eastern Germany where I lived for a while. After some time in the US I decided I was ready to move abroad and applied for a job in the Netherlands. I have been working here for more than 16 years now.

I have studied and worked in psychology almost my whole life. Already in my second year of my studies I had a special interest in social psychology and that’s the field where I stayed in. I did my PhD in that field and now have a full professorship in Social Psychology at the University of Groningen. I am also the director of education in psychology here at the university.

What is your connection with the research topics from GSG: globalisation, humanitarianism and development?

I think there is a pretty close link to my work. My specific area of expertise is intergroup relations and social integration. I am interested in identity issues and in the last 8 years or so I did a lot of research together with my PhD students on inclusion and on diversity. In that context cultural diversity is a highly relevant topic. Also, in my role as teaching director I’m very much interested in internationalization at this university, especially in the situation of international students and their inclusion here. This all together is closely linked to GSG’s research topics.

I also have a small link with the focus on developing countries, which is for Globalisation Studies Groningen and that why a PhD project that I supervised with another GSG Governor Robert Lensink, and my dear colleague Nina Hansen. This was a project on how getting access to micro-finance, have an effect on interpersonal relations for the poeple that get that money in developing countries like Vietnam or Sri Lanka. That was a project that was closest to GSG’s focus points.

What is your role within GSG?

I was asked to join GSG in 2018 and attended my first meeting in the end of that year. I see my role in a way to just get social sciences and our faculty for behavioral and social sciences a bit more visibl within GSG and help romite GSG within my faculty. If you look at the list of activities that have been done in the past, there are several done with my faculty but its very much linked to few people. I have to say personally I did not know much about GSG before becoming a governor. I don’t think that should be the case, so that is my mission a little bit. To enhance the links between my faculty and GSG.

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