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OnderzoekGlobalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)About GSG


One of the main objectives of the GSG is to bring together all the stakeholders and help to increase their competences. The GSG recognises the following parties as their most important stakeholders:


Institutional Stakeholders

The University Board and the nine participating faculties of the University of Groningen form the institutional stakeholders. They will provide the means for the GSG to strengthen and unite existing capacities and to expand both research agenda as well as the education bid. The nine faculties include:

  • Arts
  • Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Economics and Business
  • Medical Sciences
  • Theology and Religious Studies
  • Law
  • Spatial Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Research Stakeholders

There is an enormous amount of institutionalised capacity within the University of Groningen in the broader field of globalisation and humanitarian studies. However, these studies are scattered around the various faculties and more often than not operate in the relative isolation.The aim is to have these institutes engage in the larger initiative. The relevant research institutes and programmes are as follows:


  • Global and Local Processes of Economic Development and Cooperation
  • Human Security, Conflicts and Humanitarian Intervention
  • Land, Sustainability and Bio-Energy
  • Population, Education, Health and Well-Being
  • Global History, Politics, Religions and Cultures

Educational Stakeholders

The stakeholders in the field of education are both beneficiaries as well as providers. There are numerous programmes offering educational programmes adjacent to or touching on issues of globalisation, development and humanitarianism. Integrating existing educational capacity for these separate programmes will offer greater and more efficient access for a large number of students. The educational stakeholders include:


  • The educational and research staff associated with the former Centre for Development Studies
  • Doctoral students within the university or within networks of the participatinginstitutes in relevant areas
  • Students of the University of Groningen are stakeholders, as they will benefit from the output of GSG in their educational programmes and research assignments
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