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ResearchGlobalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)About GSG

About Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG)

Main Goals of GSG

GSG is an inter-faculty and interdisciplinary institute that spans the entire University of Groningen. Itfocuses on issues relating to globalisation, development and humanitarianism. It aims to be a stimulating force for strengthening the truly global orientation of our academics, students and study programmes. Its main goals are:

  1. Research: To give new impulses to research concerning global challenges and to transgress the boundaries of existing knowledge. To bring together existing research programmes and research institutes in the issue area, to organise common programme activities and to acquire external means for innovative programmes.
  2. Teaching: To strengthen existing inter-faculty educational programmes. To set the agenda of educational and research programmes in the intertwined areas of globalisation, development and humanitarian cooperation. National and international students are the beneficiaries.
  3. Communication & Representation: To act as a clearing house for information internally and externally. GSG brings the stakeholders together and helps to increase their competences. GSG promotes the internationalisation strategy of the University abroad. GSG channels public relation functions in the field of global & humanitarian issues.

Download our Annual Report to learn more about GSG.

Last modified:14 May 2013 2.50 p.m.