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Research Department of Genetics PhD theses and Inaugural lectures
University Medical Center Groningen

PhD theses 2007 - 2013

supervisors in italics belong to the Dept of Genetics, UMCG


Novel mechanisms for prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes
Naishi Li
Supervisors: MH Hofker, C Wijmenga
11 Dec 2013, full text

Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Novel insights into the genotype-phenotype correlation and somatic mosaicism
Peter van den Akker MD, graduated cum laude
Supervisors: RMW Hofstra, MF Jonkman
6 Nov 2013, full text

The many faces of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Joanna (Asia) Smolonska
Supervisors: C Wijmenga, M Boezen
9 Oct 2013, full text

Genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying spinocerebellar ataxias
Justyna Jezierska
Supervisors: R Sinke, HH Kampinga, Co-supervisor: DS Verbeek
23 Sept 2013, full text

COMMD1: a modulator of immunity and NF-kB activity
Ezra Burstein
Supervisors: C. Wijmenga, MH Hofker, Co-supervisor: B van de Sluis
22 May 2013, full text


Genetic and clinical characterisation of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
Paul A van der Zwaag, MD, graduated cum laude
Supervisor: RMW Hofstra
19 November 2012, full text

Congenital bowel disorders
Christine S van der Werf, MD
Supervisor: RMW Hofstra
31 October 2012, abstract-request copy

Transcriptome analysis to investigate the link between obesity and its metabolic complications: type 2 diabetes and NASH
Marcel GM Wolfs
Supervisors: MH Hofker, C Wijmenga
31 October 2012, full text

Mapping complex and monogenic disorders: methods and applications
Agata M Szperl
Supervisor: C Wijmenga, co-supervisor: CC van Diemen
12 September 2012, full text

Genetic and genomic approach to the pathogenesis of primary ciliary dyskinesia
Maciej Geremek, MD
Supervisors: C Wijmenga, Michal Witt (International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Warsaw, Poland)
13 June 201
2, full text

Junctional epidermolysis bullosa
Wing Yan Yuen
Supervisors: MF Jonkman (Centre for Blistering Diseases, UMCG), RJ Sinke
6 June 2012, full text


supervisors in italics belong to the Dept of Genetics, UMCG

Genetic dissection and functional studies in Hirschsprung disease
Yunia Sribudiani
Supervisor: RMW Hofstra
21 December 2011, full text

Unlocking the genetics of coeliac disease
Gosia Trynka, Graduated cum laude
Supervisor: C Wijmenga
14 December 2011, full text

Genetics of celiac disease and its diagnostic value
Jihane Romanos
Supervisor: C Wijmenga
12 December 2011, full text

Genetics of clear cell renal cell carcinoma: new tumor suppressor genes and aberrant chromatin regulation
Gerben Duns
Supervisor: RMW Hofstra, co-supervisors: K Kok, E van den Berg
7 December 2011,  request copy

CHARGE syndrome: molecular diagnosis, clinical aspects and its overlap with Kallmann syndrome
Jorieke van Kammen-Bergman
Supervisors: CMA van Ravenswaaij-Arts, RMW Hofstra
2 November 2011, abstract - request copy

Shared genetic background of inflammatory diseases of the bowel
Noortje (EAM) Festen, MD
PhD awarded cum laude
Supervisors: C Wijmenga, JH Kleibeuker, Co-supervisor: RK Weersma
6 April 2011, request copy


Genes & pathways in Crohn's disease
Ramnik J Xavier, MD
(Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, in cooperation with Dept of Genetics, UMCG
Supervisor: C Wijmenga
11 October 2010,   request copy

On the origin of obesity and type 2 diabetes
Clara Elbers
Dept. of Medical Genetics, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands
Supervisors: C Wijmenga, YT van der Schouw, Co-supervisor: NC Onland-Moret
7 October 2010,   request copy

Genetics of L1 syndrome
Yvonne Vos  
Supervisor: RMW Hofstra
13 Sept. 2010,  request copy

Revealing the genetic roots of obesity and type 2 diabetes
Jana Vladimirovna Van Vliet-Ostaptchouk   full text  
Molecular Genetics section, Dept. Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, in cooperation with Dept of Genetics, UMCG
Supervisors: MH Hofker, C Wijmenga
7 July 2010

Female reproductive ageing: the clinical relation between oocyte quantity and oocyte quality
Maaike Laura Haadsma    full text
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gyneacology, in cooperation with Dept. of Genetics, UMCG
Supervisor: MJ Heineman
24 March 2010

The use of a birth defects case-control monitoring system in studying the safety of medication use in pregnancy
Marian Karolien Bakker,  full text (graduation January 2010)
Supervisors: CHCM Buys, LTW de Jong-van den Berg, HEK de Walle
11 January 2010

supervisors in italics belong to the Dept of Genetics, UMCG


Caenorhabditis elegans models for protein misfolding diseases
Tjakko Jakob van Ham   full text
Supervisors: RMW Hofstra, EAA Nollen

The value of haplotypes
AR (André) de Vries, full text
Supervisors: GJ te Meerman, RMW Hofstra
3 June 2009

Microsatellite instability profiling of Lynch syndrome-associated cancers
Ana Maria Monteiro Ferreira   full text
Supervisor: RMW Hofstra

MicroRNA expression patterns in precursor lesions and (hereditary) breastcancer
Liqiang Qi (in cooperation with Dept of Genetics, UMCG)

Supervisors: Hollema H, Berg JHM van den, Fu L;  Co-supervisors: Bart J, Oosterwijk JC  


Functional analysis and carrier detection of mismatch repair gene mutations
Jianghua Ou   full text

Prognostic microarray studies in ovarian cancer: toward patient-tailored therapy
Anne Crijns    full text

Inherited cardiomyopathies
J. Peter van Tintelen   full text


Molecular aspects of HNPCC and identification of mutation carriers
Renée Cecil Niessen  full text

Finding causal variants for complex genetic disease: the contribution of statistical methodology to fine-mapping and assay optimization
Geert T Spijker   full text

Genetic susceptibility for inflammatory bowel disease
Rinse MD Weersma   full text

Genetic factors involved in EBV-positive and EBV-negative Hodgkin Lymphoma susceptibility Role of HLA-A and chemokine polymorphisms
Marijke Niens   full text

Genetic predisposition to testicular cancer
Martijn Lutke Holzik   full text

Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: population based studies on HLA and EBV
Arjen Diepstra   full text
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