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GEM PhD Candidates

Research Projects
Berg, Thomas van den
The role of trade in resilience to natural disasters and long-run climate change effects
Bolaños, Jean Pierre
Cai, Yingdan
Cross-border acquisitions as asset bundling for emerging market firms: evidence from Brazil
Dasgupta, Pawani
Dijkstra, Hylke
Using the input-output (IO) framework to assess countru-industry interdependencies: the causes and consequences of changes in trade patterns
Fang, Ning

Dynamics of pro-market institutions in emerging economies, market and nonmarket strategies of firms and performance

Hamilton, Calumn
The new frontiers of structural change research: policy, heterogeneity, and gender
Konietzny, Robin
Workers' responses to increasing import exposure and the implications of these for their well-being
Korendijk, Marloes
Go with which flow? How the embeddedness of subsidiaries in multiple institutional logics influences within-MNE heterogeneity in CSR performance
Kruse, Hagen

Modern patterns of structural change in developing countries

Leusen, Matthijs

The outcomes of international sanctions: an interdisciplinary study

Mahapatra, Atna Jyoti
Marapin, Ryan
Productivity growth and structural change in developing countries
Marchesi, Daniele

Perceived income inequality, redistribution and subjective well-being

Milanova, Viliana
Mollema, Arne
Financialization, housing markets, wage dynamics, income distribution, investment
Moellers, Dirk
Globalization and culture in a 'Sin' industry: essays on the evolution of gambling markets
Mu, Yu

MNEs cross-border CSR practices: how to be liked by everyone?

Oxley, Sam
Exploring the effects of large-scale exogenous crises on organisational leadership
Postma, Bart
Emerging market heterogeneity: exploring variety in the internationalization patterns of emerging market firms
Sakhno, Hanna
Populism and political costs of green transition in Europe
Shaheen, Ibrahim
Understanding spatial interconnectedness within a regional economic resilience framework
Singh, Deepakshi
Sliwa Ruiz, Stefan

Social and Political Consequences of Automation: a Polarizing Force

Smadu, Andra
Interactions between uncertainty and financial frictions
Tian, Xin
Yan, Bingqian
Yu, Minli

The effectiveness of central bank communication: evidence from China

Zhu, Lingxiu
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