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GEM PhD Candidates

Name Research Projects
Aral-Kilic, Eda Understanding firm productivity: people management practices, human capital and decentralisation in firms
Berg, Thomas van den The role of trade in resilience to natural disasters and long-run climate change effects
Biesenbeek, Cindy

The effect of financial policies, flexible jobs and regional differences on homeownership

Cai, Yingdan Cross-border acquisitions as asset bundling for emerging market firms: evidence from Brazil
Fang, Ning

Dynamics of pro-market institutions in emerging economies, market and nonmarket strategies of firms and performance

Giesenow, Fred The political economy of central banking and financial crises: new evidence based on heterogeneous panels
Guri, Romina Export knowledge and the impact on firms' export behavior
Hamilton, Calumn The new frontiers of structural change research: policy, heterogeneity, and gender
Konietzny, Robin Workers' responses to increasing import exposure and the implications of these for their well-being
Korendijk, Marloes Go with which flow? How the embeddedness of subsidiaries in multiple institutional logics influences within-MNE heterogeneity in CSR performance
Kruse, Hagen

Modern patterns of structural change in developing countries

Leusen, Matthijs tba
Marapin, Ryan Productivity growth and structural change in developing countries
Marchesi, Daniele

Perceived income inequality, redistribution and subjective well-being

Merksteijn, Mirle van

Multiple stakeholder activism; the effect on firm CSR practices, indirect effects and reaction costs

Mollema, Arne Financialization, housing markets, wage dynamics, income distribution, investment
Moellers, Dirk Globalization and culture in a 'Sin' industry: essays on the evolution of gambling markets
Mu, Yu tba
Oxley, Sam Exploring the effects of large-scale exogenous crises on organisational leadership
Postma, Bart Emerging market heterogeneity: exploring variety in the internationalization patterns of emerging market firms
Roller, Slavek

Sustainable investing in medicine: financing health gains through commercial pharmaceutical innovation

Sakhno, Hanna Populism and political costs of green transition in Europe
Shaheen, Ibrahim Understanding spatial interconnectedness within a regional economic resilience framework
Singh, Deepakshi tba
Sliwa Ruiz, Stefan

Social and Political Consequences of Automation: a Polarizing Force

Smadu, Andra Interactions between uncertainty and financial frictions
Tarne, Ruben Macro-economic effects of household debt: an agent based analysis
Tian, Xin tba
Xu, Can The causes and consequences of household savings and borrowing: the role of public employment and trade balances
Yan, Bingqian tba
Yu, Minli tba
Zhu, Lingxiu tba
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