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About us FEB Research / FEB FEB Research Institute (FEBRI) Research programme GEM ETSG conference 2022

Reaching the Venues

Conference Venues

The conference venue is MartiniPlaza (Leonard Springerlaan 2, Groningen).

The conference reception (Thursday) is in the MartiniPlaza.

The conference dinner (Friday) is at Ni Hao Stadsparkpaviljoen (Paviljoenlaan 3, Groningen).

Please see the conference map for an overview of the conference venues, hotels, relevant bus stops and suggested routes.

Reaching the venues by public transportation

Groningen has an excellent public transport system. From the Central Station, it only takes a few minutes to walk to the City Center: just cross the Werkmanbridge connecting the Central Station and the Groninger Museum. You can also take a bus or taxi. All busses depart from the Central Station.

To obtain tickets

A few options are available.

1.     Bus tickets in the city of Groningen can be purchased on the bus (debit and credit cards only).

2.     The 9292 App provides an all-in-one solution for planning your journey and buying relevant e-tickets for all modes of public transportation in the Netherlands. See this link for detailed instructions.

3.     Alternatively, buy a disposable OV-chip card with sufficient credit to travel on all modes of public transport in the Netherlands. Note that this card costs around EUR7.50 to purchase (excluding travel credit).

4.     Important: You will receive your conference badge at the conference registration desk. This badge allows for free travel on Qbuzz busses in the City of Groningen for the duration of the conference (i.e., up to and including Saturday). Clearly display the badge to the bus driver when entering the bus.

Reaching the MartiniPlaza (conference/reception)

Take Bus 10 “Hoornsemeer via Martini Zkh.” from (among other options) the Grote Markt, Zuiderdiep, or Central Station and exit at the L. Springerlaan bus stop. From there, it is a short walk to the MartiniPlaza. Returning to the City Center? Take Bus 10 “Korrewegwijk” from the L. Springerlaan bus stop (on the opposite side of the road).

Reaching the conference dinner

The dinner venue is a 15-minute walk from the MartiniPlaza. Mobility assistance is available upon request (please use the online registration form). Returning to the City Center? Take the Concourslaan all the way to the Paterswoldseweg/Parkweg intersection and on to the Kamerlingh Onnesstraat bus stop, from where you can take bus 10 “Korrewegwijk”.

Reaching the venues by car

We strongly recommend consulting with your hotel on how to best travel between the hotel and conference/dinner venues.

Expect delays reaching the MartiniPlaza by car, in part because it can only be reached via the Paterswoldseweg/Leonard Springerlaan. The connection from the A7/N370/Laan 1940-1945 to the Leonard Springerlaan is closed (also see here ; sorry, only available in Dutch). Ample (paid) parking is available at the conference venue.

The conference dinner is a short drive from the MartiniPlaza. Free parking is available at the dinner venue. See the conference map and select ‘For drivers’ on the left-hand menu.

See here for general information about parking facilities in City of Groningen.

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