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Research GELIFES

Current PhD Projects

Junfei Cao

Junfei Cao

Supervisors: Eddy van der Zee (NeuBio), Robbert Havekes (NeuBio)

The role of cofilin in synaptic plasticity and memory deficits associated with sleep problems in phenylketonuria (PKU)

Xiaodan Guo

Xiaodan Guo

Supervisors: Gertjan van Dijk (NeuBio), Han Moshage (UMCG)

Natural products for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Siyu Mei

Siyu Mei

Supervisors: Joana Falcao Salles (GREEN), Sebastian Lequime (GREEN)

Eco-evolutionary principles driving soil microbiome adaptations to environmental change

Mayerli Prado Rivera

Mayerli A. Prado Rivera

Supervisors: Jocelien Olivier (NeuBio), Sietse de Boer (NeuBio)

Early life stress and development of the antisocial brain - Individual differences, neurobiological correlates and epigenetic mechanisms

Jully Senteu

Jully S. Senteu

Supervisors: Han Olff (ConsEco), Joseph Ogutu (University of Hohenheim)

Historic and projected herbivore dynamics in Narok County, Kenya

Yang Shen

Yang Shen

Supervisors: Rampal Etienne (TRÊS), Luis Lima Valente (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin)

Macroevolution of mutualistic interactions on islands

Frigg Speelman

Frigg J.D. Speelman

Supervisors: Hannah Dugdale (BPE), Simon Griffith (Macquarie University), David Rischardson (UEA)

Fitness benefits and heritability of long-term partnerships

Euan Young

Euan A. Young

Supervisors: Hannah Dugdale (BPE), Virpi Lummaa (University of Turku), Erik Postma (University of Sheffield)

Quantitative genetics of human life-history

Gaoyang Yu

Gaoyang Yu

Supervisors: Jan Komdeur (BPE), Peter Korsten (Bielefeld University)

Understanding individual variation in aggressiveness in females - What are the eco-evolutionary and physiological drivers?

Jiaoyue Zhu

Jiaoyue Zhu

Supervisors: Roelof Hut (NeuBio), Gertjan van Dijk (NeuBio), Dawei Wang (IPP-CAAS)

Interactions between photoperiod, circadian rhythmicity, energy balance and growth in mammals


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