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Research GELIFES Neurobiology


Neurobiology organises and/or participates in the following courses within the Bachelor programmes Biology and Life Science & Technology , and within the Master programmes Behavioural & Cognitive Neurosciences and Biology and Biomedical Sciences .
In addition, Neurobiology offers a broad spectrum of MSc research projects.

Bachelor courses
Course Period Lecturer
Neurobiology Sep-Oct Hut, De Boer, Meerlo, Scheurink, Van Dijk
Neuroscience Sep-Nov Scheurink, Meerlo, Olivier, Van der Zee, Van Dijk, Buwalda
Genes & Behaviour Oct Eisel
Integrative Neurobiology Nov Van Dijk, Van der Zee
Behavioural Neuroscience Nov-Dec Scheurink, Buwalda, De Boer, Olivier, Van Dijk
Chronobiology Nov-Dec Hut, Beersma, Gerkema, Meerlo
Physiology & Therapy Nov-Jan Buwalda, Scheurink
Anatomy & Physiology - Practical Dec-Jan Buwalda
Endocrinology Feb Scheurink
Brain & Behaviour Feb-Mar Van der Zee, Hut, Meerlo
Chronobiology Research Feb-Mar Hut, Beersma, Gerkema
Human Behavioural Biology Feb-Mar Beersma
Neurobiology of Ageing Feb-Mar Van der Zee, Eisel, Schoemaker, Van Dijk
Human & Animal Physiology Mar-Apr Buwalda, Scheurink
Addiction and Addictive Behaviour Apr-May (Honours College) Scheurink
Imaging Techniques Apr-May Olivier
Neurosciences Research Apr-May Eisel, Buwalda, De Boer, Schoemaker, Van Dijk
Human Physiology May (BSc Pharmacy) Buwalda, Scheurink
Biomedical Research May-Jun Schoemaker
Psychobiology May-Jun Meerlo, Buwalda, De Boer, Olivier, Scheurink
BSc Essay year-round all PIs
Master courses
Course Period Lecturer
Timing of Behaviour Sep (BCN B-track) Beersma, Gerkema, Gordijn, Hut, Visser, Meerlo
Advanced Metabolism & Nutrition Sep-Oct Van Dijk
Neurodegenerative Diseases Sep Eisel
Neurobiology of Nutrition Oct Van Dijk, Buwalda, Scheurink
Behavioural Pharmacology Oct-Nov De Boer, Olivier
Function & Evolution of Behaviour Oct-Nov (BCN B-track) Hut
The Neuroendocrine Basis of Behaviour Nov-Dec (BCN B-track) Scheurink, Olivier
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Nov-Dec (BCN N-track) Eisel, Van Dijk, Hut, Van der Zee
Individuality of Behaviour - Genes and Ontogeny Jan-Feb (BCN B-track) De Boer
Advanced Light Microscopy May Beersma
Advanced Imaging Techniques May Beersma, Hut
BCN Summer Symposium I Jun Beersma
BCN Summer Symposium II Jun Beersma
Career Related Topics Dec-Jan (BCN - General Courses) Beersma, Buwalda, Hut, Scheurink
Animal & Human Experimentation year-round Hut, Gordijn
MSc Essay (BCN) year-round Beersma
MSc Essay year-round all PIs
Colloquium year-round all PIs
Graduate courses & Master classes
Course Period Lecturer
Introduction to Behavioural & Cognitive Neurosciences Sep-Nov Beersma, Havekes
A complete overview of graduate courses offered by the Research School Ecology and Evolution (RSEE), the Groningen Graduate School of Science and Engineering(GSE) and partner institutes and research schools can be found here. The Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) offers a number of graduate courses in its PhD Training Programme.
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