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Bachelor Programmes

Minor Neurosciences

The minor in Neurosciences is an introduction to the neurosciences, intended for students with no previous experience of natural sciences. Most of the lectures and practical sessions in the course unit are given by lecturers from the Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES).

The lectures (9 ECTS) explore the main principles of the neurosciences with a special emphasis on the neurobiological background of behaviour. In addition, specialist lectures (magistraalcolleges) (4 ECTS) given by expert guest speakers look into the most diverse subjects covered by neurosciences. Finally, there are practicals (5 ECTS) dealing with subjects such as: anatomy and immuno-histo-chemistry of the brain, autonomous reflexes, nerve conductivity, learning behaviour and EEG.

Default programme of the minor Neurosciences
Course Period ECTS Coordinator/Lecturer
Neuroscience Sep-Nov 15 Scheurink, various PIs
Behavioural Neuroscience Nov-Jan 15 Scheurink, various PIs

Check the Education website for admission requirements and a detailed study guide.
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