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Research GELIFES

Weekly Schedule

Week 8 (19 - 23 February)

Weekly schedule by email: Every Friday afternoon the weekly schedule for the coming week is distributed by email. If you also want to receive our weekly schedules, please send an email to your expertise group secretary or to weeklyschedule and you will be added to the mailing list.

Announcements for the weekly schedule: If you have anything to announce that is of interest to all institute members, including literature / book discussions, please send an email to weeklyschedule before 12:00 hr on Thursday.

Monday 19


09:30 OBP Weekly meeting 5171.0340
10:30 NeuBio – Chronobiology Lab meeting Christina Klok: Light effects in tupaias (MSc project presentation) 5172.0571

Tuesday 20


11:00 PhD Defence
Mila Roozen (NeuroBiology): Human social complexity - Evolutionary and methodological considerations (Promotores Kas, Vorstman (University of Toronto))
Academy Building & online
12:15 ConsEco Lunch meeting
Hesamaddin Farhadi: The interactions between godwits and the red fox in southwest Friesland, the Netherlands
5172.0571 & online
12:45 PhD Defence
Anna van der Kaaden (Conservation Ecology/NIOZ): Patterns in the deep sea - On the interaction between cold-water corals and their environment (Promotores van de Koppel ((G/NIOZ), Soetaert (UU), Rietkerk (UU); Copromotor van Oevelen (NIOZ))
Academy Building & online
13:30 EGDB Meeting
Diego Spangemacher: Wild microbiomes - The many roles of the gut microbia (MEME colloquium)
5171.0415 & online

Wednesday 21


12:00 GREEN - Plant Biology
  • Artemis Hoogsteen: Plant Dilemmas - How does life history influence the choices made by plants under adverse perturbations (intro MSc project)
  • Zarina Rorije: C:N:P:K paradoxes under waterlogging stress (intro MSc project)
12:00 NeuBio – Molecular/Behavioural Neuroscience Lab meeting
  • Saskia Gooijer & Charlotte Stubbe: Tba (intro MSc project)
  • Esmée D'Costa: Tba (intro MSc project)

Thursday 22


09:00 GELIFES Introduction HSE
Marten Staal (GELIFES): Health, Safety and Environment in the Linnaeusborg
12:00 NeuBio – Chronobiology Journal club
Emmanouela Karyampa: Tba

Friday 23


09:00 NeuBio Seminar
  • Fleur Meijer: (MSc project presentation) Specificity of optogenetic engram reactivation in sleep-deprived conditions - An exploration of social recognition memory dynamics (Sarma/Havekes)
  • Maria Takla: (colloquium) Hormones, ADHD and postpartum depression (Supervisor: Olivier)
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