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Research GELIFES

Weekly Schedule

Week 17 (22 – 26 April)

Weekly schedule by email: Every Friday afternoon the weekly schedule for the coming week is distributed by email. If you also want to receive our weekly schedules, please send an email to your expertise group secretary or to weeklyschedule and you will be added to the mailing list.

Announcements for the weekly schedule: If you have anything to announce that is of interest to all institute members, including literature / book discussions, please send an email to weeklyschedule before 12:00 hr on Thursday.

Monday 22


09:30 OBP Weekly meeting 5171.0340

Tuesday 23


10:30 GREEN - Microbial Ecology
  • Tsjitske de Jong: Unveiling the battle - Differential responses of potato cultivars to potato virus Y infection (colloquium)
  • Arno de Jong: Usutu virus phylogeography in Europe
5171.0415 & online
12:15 ConsEco Lunch meeting
Pablo Tittonell: Overview of research and collaborations on Agroecology for Sustainable Landscapes
5172.0571 & online
13:30 EGDB Meeting
Henk van der Meulen: eDNA in nature protection law (colloquium)
5171.0415 & online

Wednesday 24


11:30 TRÊS Meeting
Tom Veldhuis: Deceptive signalling in Ophrys orchids (intro PhD project)
5172.0571 & online
12:00 GREEN - Plant Biology
Genesiska: Soil diversity, impacted by the presence or absence of phages, affects plant-microbe communication in the rhizosphere
12:00 NeuBio – Molecular/Behavioural Neuroscience Lab meeting
MaƂgorzata Tybuszewska: Tba (intro MSc project)

Thursday 25


12:00 NeuBio – Chronobiology Journal club
Luisa Epifani: Tba
15:30 GELIFES Seminar
Alexa Veenema (Michigan State University): To play or not to play - How oxytocin and vasopressin regulate social play through reward-related neural circuitries

Friday 26


13:15 NeuBio – Seminar
  • 13:15 Fardou Haagsma (final presentation): Eating patterns in intermittent fasting (Supervisor: Anton Scheurink)
  • 13:45 Nienke van der Veen (introduction presentation): Rat sexual and aggressive behaviour in response to an SSRI in combination with a 5-HT1A-antagonist (Supervisor: Jocelien Olivier)
  • 14:15 Natasja Drenth (colloquium): The interface of obesity and depression - The influence of BMI on antidepressant response (Supervisor: Gertjan van Dijk)
  • 15:00 Cecile Bruil (final presentation): Sleep disturbances and impaired social recognition in phenylketonuria mouse model (Supervisor: Robbert Havekes)
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