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Upcoming activities

Date Activity
6 Jan 2020 PhD defence (11:00 - Academy Building)
Andrea Soto Padilla (EGDB): In the heat of the moment - How Drosophila melanogaster's response to temperature is modulated by sensory systems, social environment, development, and cognition
16 Jan 2020 GELIFES Seminar (16:00 - 5171.0415)
Julia Day (University College London, UK): tba
27 Jan 2020 PhD defence (14:30 - Academy Building)
Qingqing Chen (Conservation Ecology): Long-term effects of large and small herbivores on plant diversity in a salt-marsh system
7 Feb 2020 PhD defence (16:15 - Academy Building)
Annelies van Ginkel (Conservation Ecology): Wolves, tree logs and tree regeneration - Combined effects of downed wood and wolves on the regeneration of palatable and less palatable tree species
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