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Research GBB

Vision, mission and strategy

GBB’s focused vision, mission, ambition and strategy have laid a robust foundation, encompassing a critical mass of highly qualified research and support staff, successful acquisition of research funds, high-quality output in the form of PhD theses, peer-reviewed papers, and patents, as well as active coordination and participation in numerous local, national, and international research initiatives.

Our vision
Biomolecular sciences play a crucial role in unraveling the fundamental principles of life and serve as a vital discipline in the advancement of sustainable technologies in fields such as chemistry, food, and health

Our mission
Conduct exceptional biomolecular research, train future scientists, foster transdisciplinary collaboration, and drive practical applications

Our ambition
Maintain our international leadership by advancing the frontier of biomolecular and cellular systems research, and delivering new scientific leaders.

Our Strategy
• Attracting a diverse, talented, and dedicated team of staff members, postdocs, and (PhD) students.
• Consolidating an optimal institute size that accommodates teaching requirements, utilizes available space effectively, and provides adequate support for starting Principal Investigators.
• Ensuring a state-of-the-art infrastructure to support advanced research and training.
• Fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment that encourages and challenges each other to excel, creating a vibrant and collegial atmosphere.

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