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Research GBB

GBB Safety Officers

Reseach Group Safety Officer Telephone number
Bioinformatics Not applicable -
Biotechnology Ing. P. Wietzes 4185
Cell Biochemistry Drs. I. Keizer-Gunnink 2130
Electron Microscopy Dr. M.C.A. Stuart 4235
Molecular Cell Biology Ing. A.M. Krikken 2177
Membrane Enzymology Ing. H.H. Duurkens 4320
Microbial Physiology Ing. P. Grijpstra 7831
Molecular Dynamics and NMR Ing. P. van der Meulen 4326
Molecular Genetics Ing. S. Holsappel 2203
Molecular Microbiology Ms. J.G. de Wit 2223
Protein Crystallography Ing. J. Hekelaar 4387
Molecular Systems Biology Ms. S.R. Bonsing-Vedelaar 4562
Last modified:13 October 2015 1.14 p.m.