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Research GBB

Dedicated Research Facilities

The research laboratories of GBB are well equipped and most are classified VMT (ML-I), while some are MLII. Experimental work complies to national (safety) regulations in terms of working with genetically modified organisms, pathogens, radioisotopes and radiation (lasers, X-ray). GBB (and neighboring institutes) encourage an ‘open door’ policy and equipment is available to researchers for other groups. In addition, GBB has a number of general facilities and dedicated high-end equipment that is used by GBB members and researchers from outside GBB:

  • High-resolution Cryo Electron Microscopy: FEI-Tecnai 20, a 300 kV FEI-Tecnai Polara and 2 lower-end (CM12, CM120) transmission microscopes for cryo-EM, immune-EM, negative staining. A new FEI Talos Artica with phase plate and direct electron detection camera will be installed in early 2017. Access to high-end Titon Krios microscopes is secured through our partnership of NeCEN, Leiden;
  • Proteomics: ESI and MALDI-Tof mass spectrometers, nano-flow LC and robotics for proteomics and metabolics;
  • Cell culturing and analysis: incubators, hoods for culturing mammalian cells; SORP BD FACSAria cell sorter for sorting of microbial and mammalian cells;
  • Advanced light microscopy: confocal and widefield microscopes (also equipped for life-time imaging, high content automated imaging, including robotics); microscopes for confocal imaging, correlation spectroscopy (FCS), super-resolution imaging (PALM, STORM, STED) and single molecule studies (single-particle tracking, TIRF, FRET);
  • Advanced analytical equipment for protein chemistry: microcalorimetry, SEC-MALS, SPR, MST, analytical ultracentrifugation, UV/VIS and fluorescence spectroscopy, stopped-flow fluorescence spectroscopy, etc.);
  • Advanced equipment for nucleic acid analysis: infrastructure to handle, analyse and interprete ‘big data’ from transcriptomics (DNA microarraying and RNA sequencing), genomics, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics research;
  • Computational resources: Computer clusters; the overall computer facilities for quantum mechanics, atomics and coarse grained simulation, computational protein design, micromechanics are united in the Berendsen Centre for Multiscale Modelling;
  • NMR and GC/LC-MS: Shared facilities with the Stratingh Institute for small molecule analysis by high resolution MS, HPLC and UPLC-MS, GC-MS, and NMR (400-700 MHz). Multiple autoinjector-equipped systems for HPLC and GC. Pipetting stations and plate readers for screening.
  • X-ray generator: GBB has an in house X-ray generator for initial structural analysis of macromolecules; the final analyses as well as those of membrane proteins are done at synchrotron facilities (mostly in Grenoble and SLS in Switzerland).
  • Animal facilities: Facilities at UMCG and GELIFES are currently used for host-microbe studies, but we aim to setup a dedicated facility for research on host-pathogen interactions.

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