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Study at GBB

GBB offers a challenging educational program for master students in the field of Molecular Life Sciences, the Master Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB), and the track Chemical Biology of Chemistry. The MBB Master is an international program that attracts students from the Netherlands and abroad (about 40% foreign students). Approximately half of these students continue a PhD trajectory, either within or outside GBB. GBB also provides training and mentoring for its PhD students, postdocs and starting-group leaders. Most of our staff and students have a background in biology or chemistry, and we provide training in both disciplines and at their interface. Furthermore, jointly with HR and the GSSE, we provide training in communication and presentation skills, language proficiency, scientific writing, and project management. We view our PhD and postdoc training as an education towards becoming a pathfinder, explorer, adventurer, and/or leader. Empowerment of postdocs towards improving their own career prospects (networking, training and social events) is pursued by establishment of a postdoc community.

We prepare our students and postdocs not only for academia, but also for leading positions in industry and society. In fact, the vast majority (~80%) of our well-trained researchers, either directly or after one or two postdoc periods, find a position in the private or public sector, without any difficulties. Some of our entrepreneurial PhD students and postdocs have started their own business or become teacher at Universities of Applied Sciences. A downside of the very good career perspectives of our alumni in academia and industry is that we generate very few high school teachers, which contributes to the low number biology (or chemistry) teachers with a background in molecular life sciences, resulting in fewer students entering our programs than is desirable for society.

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