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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Data Science & Systems Complexity (DSSC) Beneficiaries


The outcomes of the research at the DSSC include:

  • trained, generic algorithms that can overcome the fragmentation of domain expertise and solve families of problems to support decision making in various disciplines/applications;
  • theoretically well-founded algorithms that combine data, knowledge and reasoning and are tested in real world applications;
  • application of appropriate amounts of data/computing from a variety of sources to control complex systems – with the aim to apply just-enough-data;
  • social, explainable, ethical AI;
  • new methods to design algorithms for monitoring and control, which work in the presence of highly uncertain models or even in absence of them, while providing analytical certificates of their correctness;
  • demonstration of these new algorithms’ effectiveness on real complex systems which model critical infrastructures, including power systems, transportation networks, energy systems;
  • methods to manage the complexity of systems engineering especially in the high-tech industry.

Last modified:28 April 2021 1.42 p.m.