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Quantum Materials & Devices

This project brings together physicists, chemists and material scientists who collaborate in multidisciplinary projects and share their experience. Our mission is to carry out a competitive research program with particular emphasis i) on the preparation and analysis of crystalline organic thin films, functional molecules as well as molecular motors and switches on surfaces, and nanocomposites, ii) on the quantum physics of electron spin ensembles and nuclear spin ensembles in semiconductor devices to explore new material systems such as color centers in wide-band-gap materials (e.g. SiC), 2D materials, and organic or hybrid organic-inorganic molecular systems. Also, we focus on new approaches to create and manipulate spin transport across device interfaces with complex oxide semiconductors, graphene, and topological insulators using oxide (anti-)ferromagnets, and metal oxides. We fabricate our devices using the facilities available at NanoLab Groningen and study electronic and spin transport at variable magnetic fields and temperatures and at the nanometer scale.

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