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Key research - Advanced Materials

The research within FSE Advanced Materials is grouped in seven overarching research topics:

[1] Green chemistry & sustainable materials, with strong links to innovative polymer research.

[2] Physics of Life, in particular (bio)physics of cancer as well as microscopy, spectroscopy and modeling from the single-molecule to single-cell scale.

[3] Energy materials, in particular research on solar cells with novel materials, battery research and thermo-electrics research.

[4] Materials for health and from nature; self-assembly in biology, bio-inspired smart materials, novel adhesives and anti-microbial materials.

[5] Quantum Materials & Devices, in particular research on stacks of 2D materials, skyrmions, and spintronics in new material systems.

[6] Out of equilibrium chemical systems, with a link to studies of the fundamental principles of life.

[7] Cognitive Systems & Materials, in particular the CogniGron research program.

[8] Advanced materials characterization; determination of atomic underpinnings of materials properties; structural analysis; novel tools and instrumentation.

The research topics are routed in past performance, have a high level of complementarity (or overlap) in terms of the experimental/theoretical techniques and several research groups participate in more than one topic, providing natural levels of interconnection. This connectivity is the primary goal of FSE Advanced Materials – providing a framework and encouraging (new/junior) staff members to take an active role in shaping new directions of research and generating important discoveries to foster the bottom up design of the future.

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