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Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) Group

Formerly known as the Design Group, the Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) group is at the core of design education within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) at University of Groningen (RUG).

ESD operates within the three intersecting, and general, domains of Education Innovation, Simulation and Modelling, and Engineering Design. More specifically, ESD is motivated by research-driven approaches to provide excellent education to our students, and to establish our leading position in:

  • Exploring complexities in engineering design and developing fundamental knowledge of systems thinking, system dynamics, and design methodology
  • Anticipating and applying key technological, societal, and business trends in sustainability, energy, mobility, health, Industry 4.0, and big data
  • Participating in engineering research to further develop multi-method approaches that connect FSE research areas to engineering design applications
  • Acting as a mediating group among FSE and FEB research institutes, namely ENTEG, ZIAM, JBI, SOM and beyond


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