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CogniGron Seminar: Federico Corradi (Holst Centre - IMEC the Netherlands) - "Spike-based neuromorphic computing for the extreme edge"

When:Fr 19-11-2021 14:00 - 15:00
Where:Online. Weblink can be found in the announcement.

Brain-inspired neuromorphic computing represents a novel artificial intelligence paradigm that can meet strict energy and cost reduction constraints in extreme edge applications while facilitating the use of novel nano-material and unreliable device technologies.

This talk will present recent investigations of a new way of sensing and computing utilizing biologically plausible neural networks with specialized analog and digital circuits. The proposed neuromorphic sensory and computing systems use radically different computational models than our standard technologies. Instead of relying upon software stored in memory and fast central processing units, the neuromorphic systems rely on the real-time physical interactions among massively parallel networks of neurons and synapses.

Unlike our software models, these neuromorphic systems exhibit emergent collective behaviours similar in nature to the one happening in our brain. As a result, neuromorphic systems can be used to understand and probe neurocomputational theories of the brain while leading to novel and efficient neuromorphic systems.

More about Federico
Dr. Federico Corradi (member, IEEE) received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Zurich in 2015 in Neuroinformatics and an international Ph.D. from the ETH Neuroscience Centre Zurich also in 2015.

His research activities are at the interface of neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering. Since 2018, he joined IMEC, the Netherlands. His current position is Senior Research Scientist. He is leading the development of the ultra-low-power neuromorphic IC design. His research focuses are energy-efficient neural network implementations for IoT and healthcare applications. His current research focuses on a new generation of computing technologies for IoT devices based on bio-inspired neural signal processing. He currently serves on several technical program committees for embedded systems and neuromorphic symposiums and conferences (ICONS, DSD, EUROMICRO).

T +31 40 40 20 512
Email: federico.corradi

Holst Centre - imec the Netherlands | P.O. Box 8550 | 5605 KN Eindhoven | The Netherlands
Visiting address: Holst Centre - imec the Netherlands | High Tech Campus 31 | 5656 AE Eindhoven | The Netherlands