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Annual reports

Unleashing the Power of Brain-Inspired Computing

Annual report 2022 (Download the full report)

Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2022

As a unique and pioneering research centre, CogniGron aims to educate a new generation of researches and develop a blueprint for future proof computing. Our focus is on innovative, advanced computing and information technologies that are extremely efficient, in particular in terms of energy usage.

We find ourselves in an era of rapid technological advancements. It is our strong belief that with CogniGron we are at the forefront of a transformative journey of how we compute, one that draws inspiration from the most complex and efficient computing system in existence—the brain. As we delve into the realms of brain-inspired computing, we witness the convergence of interdisciplinary research, where mathematics, computer science, material science, engineering and artificial intelligence, are working intensively together. This convergence holds immense promise and potential, offering unprecedented opportunities.

New talents

In the five years since CogniGron was founded, we have built an interdisciplinary community where, the whole team (scientists and non-scientists) are working together, but also relying on their own expertise and strength. During the year 2022, we continued to attract talented researchers
to Groningen, further expanding our team and advancing our mission. This included new professors as well as PhD students, the backbone of CogniGron.

Because we believe that only by working together, we can move forward, with researchers from Groningen and abroad, we started working together with various other universities and companies in 2022. We participate in numerous consortia in Europe. A special mention to Western Sydney University and University College London with which we started a formal working agreement to advance the field of neuromorphic computing. It is truly exciting to work in this field as more and more initiatives have a global scope. CogniGron is, because of the financial donation (CogniGron received a large donation of an alumnus who wishes to remain anonymous), in a unique position and can take a leading role herein.

Driving force

With this in mind, I am optimistic about the future of computing. We are convinced we are a driving force for change, together with our excellent researchers, partner universities, companies and other (research) organisations.

In this annual report, we also showcase our latest advancements, highlight groundbreaking research, and provide insights into the emerging trends that are shaping our future. We celebrate the collaborative spirit that underpins our transformative journey, recognizing that the pursuit of knowledge and innovation within CogniGron is a collective one. Together, we are working on a future proof way of computing.

Jasper van der Velde

Scientific Coordinator CogniGron

Download the full Annual Report 2022

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