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Research ESRIG - Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen Research

Main research themes

ESRIG Research can be divided into two main themes:

1. Energy supply and energy conversion: sustainable role of bio-fuels, also in connection to food and land use, energy transition (IVEM), second (and later) generation bio fuel research (CRE, MP, OE); Organic Solar Cells (BMD), determination and monitoring of bio-fuel admixtures (CIO), natural gas and new gas mixture combustion research (VB), innovative production methods for fossil fuels, underground coal gasification, geothermal energy (GE), gas transition, hydrogen as energy carrier (VB, IVEM) and (de-central) electricity production control design (PA)

2. Transition towards Sustainability: Carbon cycle and greenhouse gases research, CO2 emission monitoring, CO2 storage surveillance (CIO), CO2 storage in relation to underground characteristics (GE), combustion efficiency and harmful emission reduction (VB), development and evaluation of (inter)national climate policies, societal and ethical context of scientific/technical transitions towards sustainability (IVEM, SSG)

Next to these core themes, ESRIG will pay attention to the theme "global Change". Both describing the causes and the change itself (earth sciences, including climate and paleo-climate), and its (ecological) effects are within the range of subjects researched by ESRIG groups.

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