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Digestive system diseases


To unraveling the causes and underlying mechanism of complex diseases, and to appraise and implement personalized prediction and therapy in practice.


The unit’s vision is to implement personalized medicine in routine clinical practice. We focus on understanding and predicting the (causal) factors associated with the clinical course and outcome of complex diseases of the digestive system, psychosis, cancer, and radiotoxicity (Figure). To this end, and to pinpoint patient-centered therapies, this unit conducts international population-based cohort studies, patient-based clinical studies, and randomized clinical trials. The unit collaborates with international cohorts and has co-leaders in several international consortia.

Name Function/collaboration contact Topic
Behrooz Z. Alizadeh

Assistant professor, unit chair

b.z.alizadeh Health and disease of digestive system and inflammation
Tesfa Habtewold Researcher t.d.habtewold Modelling disease course; causal analyses

Name Position/collaboration contact Topic
Shifteh Abedian Research fellow s.abedian

Pharmacogenetic factors in the course of diabetes and inflammatory bowel diseases

Mohammadreza Abdollahi Research fellow


The disease course in autoimmune hepatitis

Sina Amoui
Silke Bauman Dermatology Hidradenitis Suppurativa: epidemiology, course and its ta ilored therapy
Sara Farhang PhD fellow Predictors of the outcome of first episode psychosis in the Iranian ARAS-cohort
Tesfa Habtewold


Latent class analyses to distinguish subgroups in patientwith schizophrenia

Karstyn Kist Bakof
Sara Moazzen Research fellow s.moazzen Diet in gastro-intestinal cancer
Elnaz Naderi MSc/Radiotherapy e.naderi

Predictive models in cancer: a meta rado-genomics study

Mark Nomden Liver Transplantation, UMCG m.nomden Seasonal clustering and space of bilary atresia
Victor Peter Clinical Pharmacy, RUG Genetic causes of drug adverse effect in type II diabetes: Pharmlines study
Vera Peters Research fellow v.peters

The (non)sense of dietary measures for a healthy and diseased gut

Kim van der Sloot Research fellow k.w.j.van.der.sloot

Exposome-genome interaction in the development and course of inflammatory bowel disease

Lyan Rodijk PhD fellow/Liver transplantation l.h.rodijk The traject and outcome of psycho-motor de velopment in bilary artresia
Natalia Tiles-Sar PhD fellow/Psychiatry n.tilles-sar Causes and courses of social recovery in psychosis

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